Vertical winding machines

With so much expertise in vertical winding machine technology, Tuboly Astronic is the obvious place to turn. We have been working in this specialist field for over 30 years. Moreover, our reputation for Swiss engineering excellence precedes us. Therefore, if you want to know what makes our vertical winding machines stand out, simply read on.

Our ultimate aim is to equip all of our clients with a suitably high level of automation in coil winding systems. We want to enable them to manufacture products of the highest quality with the greatest possible degree of efficiency. This is where our vertical winding machine technology certainly comes into its own. Why?

Tuboly Astronic’s vertical winding machines – an overview

The vertical winding machines made by Tuboly Astronic are available as pit or lifting platform variants. Each has distinct advantages that will come to the fore depending on the given application.

They are particularly suited for the economical production of for e.g. transposed disc windings. The winding process is closely monitored by the control system, and the user is prompted through the processes. The winding program calculates all stop points and executes the bendings fully automatically. Thanks to these special features, the winding times are considerably shorter than those of standard winding machines.

For more information about the various types of foil winding machines we make that support vertical operation, please see our leaflet. This will give you a more in-depth analysis of the sort of technology that is on offer. Alternatively, check out our pages on LV and HV foil winding systems.

Our range of semi-automated vertical winding machines can pre-calculate all the stopping positions you may need. Indeed, they are also capable of automatically executing any bending that may be required during the winding process, too. Thanks to these dual processes, the time spent on winding is lessened to a high degree. 

Another important aspect of the performance you can expect of Tuboly Astronic’s vertical winding machines is our winding software. This software can run on any typical industrial-use PC that has the Windows operating system installed on it. Our own software system calculates all the necessary stopping points before any winding processes begin, for full optimisation.

However, the winding control software package does much more than help in the initial set-up process. It will also control the entire winding process to make sure that it remains on track from start to finish. All the necessary steps are relayed to the operator via a touch screen as they are undertaken.

In addition, either one or a pair of single conductors can be bent using our vertical winding systems. This can occur individually or side by side, depending on your preference, at the double bending station. Even better, the bending height and length can be fully adjusted to meet any need. Since it is pre-calculated, the bending position is automatically executed.

There are two main versions of our vertical winding machines. You can choose to invest in either our pit or floor vertical winding systems. Both approaches allow for the ergonomic and rational working on the coil while maintaining a high degree of safety. What are their main features?

First, it is worth noting that the two principal solutions we offer are known as the VP and the VF. Simply put, the VP system is a pit-based machine while the VF system is a machine that’s designed for floor usage. With either of these systems, our customers will enjoy an ergonomic working on the coil, which is thoroughly reliable.

Despite their design differences, the VP as well as the VF will be able to support the winding mandrel. They do this in specific ways, of course, meaning that they can be changed to meet particular project requirements. In other words, vertical – as opposed to horizontal – operation brings about no diminution in quality or adaptability whatsoever.

By way of an example, a number of different winding mandrels will attach to the faceplate of either system quite easily. The VP and the VF versions are available in three sizes as standard, too. This means that there are no fewer than six types of vertical winding machines within the whole range. That’s a great deal of choice!

The VP10 and VF10 models, for example, will allow for an outer core diameter of up to 2,200 mm. The larger VP20 and VF20 can exceed this with a corresponding diameter of 2,800. The largest in the range, however, the VP30 and VF30, will cope with up to 3,400 mm. The other main differential is the maximum torque loading capability.

Both the VP and the VF vertical winding machines have a pressing force of up to 20,000 N. The winding revolutions are also different depending on the size of the system you opt for. Counter bearings, decoilers and winding mandrels are all optional extras that are available for both versions, too.

Of course, if our customers prefer a tailored solution, then we can always customise our standard vertical winding machines. We aim to cater to the needs of all types of businesses that use modern winding systems. Any enterprise that would like to make use of this sort of technology should have access to our adapted systems.

Bear in mind that all the accessories we manufacture can be specified to meet exact requirements, too. If it is necessary, we will work with you to come up with something completely unique. We believe that this is something that sets our service apart when it comes to contemporary vertical winding machine designs. 

As mentioned, the vertical winding machines available from Tuboly Astronic come in both pit and floor versions. Generally speaking, the pit type is considered to be optimal for transformer coiling jobs. With this machine, the VP winding machine will be installed below the usual floor level to allow it to drop.

When a mandrel is moving to accommodate the winding process, our machines will automatically lower them beneath the floor. As such, operators do not have to move the platform in order to keep working. By contrast, our floor-mounted vertical winding machines are designed to function seamlessly where no such pit is available.

Although each vertical winding machine will function in different ways, both offer high performance. The results of both vertical winding machine technologies are safe as well as efficiently ergonomic. Deciding which to opt for really comes down to the sort of facility you have to operate them in.

If you would like to find out more about our vertical winding machines, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with enquiries about either our VP or VF systems and to deal with technical enquiries. Simply fill in our contact form and one of the team will deal with your enquiry forthwith.