Special machines

The special machines manufactured by Tuboly-Astronic are mainly specific winding machines or cutting and special stacking solutions complying with our customers’ individual needs and requirements.

Purpose-built and of the highest quality, this special machine manufactures craft or crepe paper and aluminium windings for condenser manufacturing. Tuboly Astronic’s bushing winding machines combine years of experience with the precision of Swiss engineering.

These customisable and robust machines boast an infrared heating system with fully or semi-automated aluminium foil feed and precise cutters. In addition, electrically heated transfer rollers and state-of-the-art diameter compensation mechanisms ensure consistent results, time after time.

As well as traditional OIP (oil-impregnated paper) bushings, this special machine is suitable for producing RIP (resin impregnated paper) bushings. Once impregnated, the curable epoxy resin solidifies to enhance the durability of finished components.

OIP bushings provide excellent insulation. However, they may be more susceptible to failure in the long term or due to exceptional climatic or meteorological conditions. In contrast, RIP bushings tend to favour long condenser service life.

The diameter of the component body windings will remain constant, with no apparent misshaping or stepping. Automatic tensioning and highly efficient cutters ensure exact results and uniformity in finished components.

Designed for durability and built to last, these machines also minimise material and power consumption in today’s competitive environment. Significantly, efficient energy usage in the inbuilt paper drying systems reduces electricity costs. Similarly, paper trimmers come with waste rewinders to make the most of your supplies.

Save on manual labour costs, thanks to the automatic feeding of oil or epoxy. This allows employees to focus on other production priorities.

Papercutting and winding options include conical cuts, straight cuts, stepped cuts and sinus-shaped cuts to suit component and design requirements.

Other features include:

  • Automatic positioning of cutting knives.
  • Automatic insertion of aluminium foil.
  • Constant monitoring of insulation tension.
  • Automatic diameter measurement.
  • Flexible, purpose-designed software with operator guidance.
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen controls.
  • Straightforward, intuitive programming.
  • Remote support facility.

The need for precision in medical applications and patient diagnoses is clear. In addition, today’s equipment must cope with on-site demands in a busy patient care environment.

For end-users, MRI hardware must be robust, high-performance and deliver value for hard-pressed healthcare funds. Our B2B customers can count on bespoke machinery installed as turnkey solutions. Every installation we commission is capable of producing high-quality products to match healthcare provider specifications.

We offer manufacturers a choice of sizes of machinery to produce MRI units. Our range starts with special machines to make small MRI scanners for the medical diagnosis of body extremities. We also build larger manufacturing machines to produce full-body MRI units greater than two metres in diameter.

MRI special machine features include:

  • Wire length and diameter measurement systems.
  • Pressing finger and roller(s).
  • Slip ring installation for continuous resistance measurement.
  • Automatic coil diameter control.
  • Dry windings or wet-type windings with resin baths.
  • Filler application system.
  • Integration of epoxy for resin-impregnated bindings.

Electrical principles dictate that the density of turns in a solenoid determines the coil’s stability. Also, uniformity and density affect the strength of the magnetic field produced. For these and other reasons, accuracy is essential during manufacture.

A slip ring and dancer arrangement within these MRI special machines prevents tension-related problems and ensures uniform coil tightness. Consequently, the device has balanced magnetic fields, thus assuring optimal performance and precise imaging results.

Core configurations with epoxy resin provide a stable environment for the coil windings. Usefully, the finish prevents the ingress of dust or foreign materials and reduces noise in operation.

In addition, we also offer core manufacturing, bushing winding with HV or LV foil and cutting and stacking systems.

Finally, here at Tuboly Astronic, new and repeat clients can rely on three decades of industry experience. We strive to achieve excellence in design. Thus, naturally, we encourage feedback from our broad customer base, including the industrial and medical user communities.

For further details or advice regarding your bespoke machinery needs, please contact us today. Our team of experts will be delighted to assist with your enquiry.