We make high-quality vertical winding machines at Tuboly Astronic AG. In this article, you will discover much more about these devices and what makes them different from other winding systems.Our vertical machines have a great reputation for reliability. This is something we are particularly proud of.

A team of experts here at Tuboly Astronic help clients to find the right vertical winding system that suits their business needs best, but we also continue to offer ongoing support in the after sales environment. Our reputation for customer service is just as good as our Swiss engineering prowess.

VP and VF Vertical Winding Machines from Tuboly Astronic

There are two main solutions to consider: the VP and the VF solution. The VP machines are made as a pit version, the VF machines are made as floor versions. Either way, clients can expect ergonomic and reliable working on the coil itself. When it comes to the headstock, both the VP and the VF are designed to support the winding mandrel in specific ways that can be altered according to the project at hand.

For example, various winding mandrels can be attached to the faceplate with ease. Indeed, a hydraulic counter bearing that swivels could be deployed to support the mandrel, too, if wanted. The VP and the VF come in three standard sizes, so there are effectively six different vertical winding machines to choose from if you look at the range as a whole.

Each offers a pressing force of up to 20,000 N while the torque on offer ranges from 10,000 Nm at one end of the scale to 25,000 Nm at the other. If customers prefer a customized solution we can always adapt our standard machines. The weight of the coil and mandrel can constitute as much as 30 tonnes with our systems. Of course, this may be too much for some businesses, which is why we also produce smaller vertical winding machines, as well. In short, we cater for all types of enterprise that make use of such technology.

Computer-Controlled Automation and Vertical Winding Machines 

There are plenty of automated processes that the Tuboly Astronic range of vertical winding machines are capable of handling. Many of these come down to the use of state-of-the-art software control systems. One of the chief benefits of this is the ability to monitor processes at less cost than would be the case manually.

Also we are able to pre-calculate the bending position and execute the bending fully automatically  thanks to our software systems. When it comes to PC-controlled winding systems, Tuboly Astronic is at the forefront of the technology.. Our software solution uses a Windows-based platform that is compatible with standard computers for the most user-friendly experience possible.

For example, by determining all of the stopping points that will be in place before they start out on a winding procedure, users can be sure to know what to expect at the end of the process. Our software uses the data and instructions you give it at every turn, allowing your production line to be streamlined and more accurate than ever before. This automation technology maintains a close oversight over your winding processes.

This way, your quality control should improve because you will be notified of any issues at an earlier stage. This is a great benefit over manual quality control, which is often not as accurate and more costly in terms of labour. We try to make it as easy as possible for operators of vertical winding machines, too. Our use of touchscreen software means that operators can benefit from an intuitive interface that needs little expertise, additional training or even computer engineering skills.

Automatic Bending Stations

Our bending stations are highly configurable as well, offering a great deal of flexibility. For example, they allow an automatic bending of one or two single flat wire or CTC conductor.  The height and length of the bend are adjustable. We also have a special multiple bending unit for maximum of eight single conductors to be bent individually. 

Flexibility with a Range of Winding Options

In addition to this fundamental configuration option, our vertical winding machines come with a range of mandrels, counter bearing and decoiler options. These accessories can be specified to exact requirements if needed; something that sets our systems apart from competitors to a significant degree.

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At Tuboly Astronic, we try to make it as easy as possible for those new to the vertical winding machinery market to access the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. As leaders in our field, we want to explain all of the benefits you can expect of such systems.

Even if you are already well-versed in vertically orientated winding technology, we would like to speak to you about what makes our vertical winding machines stand out from the crowd and how your enterprise can benefit from our systems and ongoing support. Why not fill out our contact form? We’ll get in touch to discuss your vertical winding requirements. Our friendly team will be pleased to assist you.