Our professionals have gained a reputation for providing high-quality products for use within the electrical transformer industry. This is just as true in regard to our horizontal winding machines.

The horizontal winding machines made by Tuboly Astronic are used for the precise winding of power transformers. The system has a modular design tailored to heavy duty applications. Thanks to the PC-assisted machine control system, the winding data are easily transferred via the company network. Our customized accessories ensure careful processing of all standard conductors.

What can customers expect when working with our team of experts? What specific traits have enabled these units to rise head and shoulders above the competition? Why have we been consistently defined as “leaders of the pack” within this highly competitive sector? Let us take a look at the answers to these and similar questions.

Our Horizontal Winding Machines at a Glance

These winding machines are intended to be used when producing both high- and low-voltage transformer coils. This is similar to other products, such as our MRI winding machines and our core stacking systems.

These units have been designed with a modular nature in mind. They are perfectly suited for heavy-duty applications, and they can be easily integrated into a modern production facility. 

This very same sense of flexibility ensures that all relevant data can be shared across in-house company networks. Our machines, therefore, contribute to a more streamlined level of automation. 

Furthermore, clients can choose from a number of customised accessories based on their discrete requirements. This saves time and money while ensuring accuracy during the entire winding process. 

The selection of horizontal winding machines offered by Tuboly-Astronic will normally be employed when creating transformer coils. An operator-assisted winding process ensures higher degrees of accuracy while expediting complex tasks. Still, the individual will maintain complete control over all processes, thanks to a user-friendly interface.

The horizontal nature of these winding machines is generally a better option when producing high-capacity inductors and transformers. This primarily arises from the fact that some of these coils can weigh in excess of 25 tonnes. Therefore, a horizontal design is preferable due to reduced loads when compared to other configurations.

This approach likewise allows the machine to handle a significant amount of torque during the winding process. Let us now examine some of the unique variables that will provide users with additional benefits.

Please read this informative blog to learn more about our horizontal winding machines. However, we will highlight some of their main features for the sake of brevity immediately below.

Unique Head and Tailstock Mounts

These two components have been mounted to a single base frame. This provides a greater degree of stability during the winding process. If the mandrel needs to be adjusted, users are provided with a rotating cone alongside a laterally adjustable tailstock.

Consistent Pressure Control

One of the challenges associated with transformer coil winding is that the pressure needs to remain constant at all times. Otherwise, the insulation may become damaged; ultimately resulting in a costly failure. Tuboly-Astronic has addressed this concern by ensuring that the pressing forces are balanced in either direction.

This is accomplished through the use of radial accumulating conductors in conjunction with pneumatically operated pressure rollers. However, the axial power can be easily adjusted in both directions, thanks to a centralised control system.

De-Coiler Options

The winding machines offered by Tuboly-Astronic have been designed with a modular nature in mind. Users will, therefore, be happy to learn that unique de-coiler solutions are likewise offered. Simple configurations, as well as multi-headed systems with swivel functions, can be chosen depending upon the task at hand.

A Multiple Plate Braking System

The braking systems found within our horizontal winding machines are crucial when conductor tension needs to be adjusted. However, braking pressures and speeds must be precisely controlled to ensure an even level of tension.

This is accomplished through a series of independent paper-insulated braking conductors monitored by a built-in potentiometer. Users can pre-select and adjust conductor tension at a moment’s notice.

The marketplace for electrical transformers should increase by a staggering 5.7 per cent between 2021 and 2027. It is, therefore, clear that manufacturers need to keep one step ahead of consumer demands.

Tuboly-Astronic has been providing reliable solutions for over three decades. This very same sense of continuous quality improvement is equally relevant in these modern times. All of our horizontal winding machines are manufactured to the highest of standards and boast a user-friendly edge.

We feel that this is critical when accommodating the needs of high-capacity production facilities. Operators need to be able to oversee every stage of the winding process while enjoying superior levels of accuracy. Furthermore, an integrated UX provides a greater level of automation than would otherwise be impossible.

Tuboly-Astronic always provides customers with a superior degree of flexibility in terms of horizontal winding options. In addition to the features mentioned above, additional amenities include:

  • Bending tools
  • Expandable mandrels
  • A de-coiler intended to provide insulation between layers

Two primary horizontal winding machine variants are available (the HW 10 and the HW 20). The HW 20 is designed to handle higher levels of torque and coil. Weights of up to 20 tonnes and greater distances between the faceplate and the tailstock can be accommodated. The HW 20 is preferred when manufacturing longer coils.

All production facilities are rightfully concerned with the “bottom line”. This observation is just as true in regard to transformer coil winding machines. Thanks to quality manufacturing and attention to detail, longevity is never a concern. Our customers can, therefore, expect to enjoy a higher return on investment (ROI) over time.

We are quite pleased to offer a wide selection of modular horizontal winding machines. However, Tuboly-Astronic boasts numerous other products, including:

  • Core cutting lines
  • Stacking systems
  • Low- and high-voltage foil winding machines
  • Vertical winding machines
  • Machines designed to wind coils for instrument transformers

It is likewise possible to become a service contract customer if you wish to enjoy more targeted maintenance solutions.

Do you wish to learn more about our line of horizontal winding machines? Is there a specific configuration that may be required for your facility? Perhaps you are keen to appreciate the additional products and services offered by Tuboly-Astronic.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members. We will be happy to assist further and to schedule an in-depth consultation at your convenience.