Coil winding

Tuboly Astronic winding machines ensure highly efficient coil production and total ease of use. Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees maximum availability and operational safety as described by the law. 

Here at Tuboly Astronic, our winding machinery combines precision engineering with Swiss quality. This commitment to high standards means you can count on first-class coil production results and an excellent return on investment.

Purpose-built to wind HV (high-voltage) coils, our wire winder machinery is suitable for applications up to 3,000 kVA. Choose to operate automatically or semi-automatically in either layer insulation (double insulation) or strip insulation mode.

Nowadays, strip technology gives excellent results when winding insulation automatically at the same time as the conductive material. Additionally, you can select between conical or cylindrical profiles for insulation windings.

Our range of foil wire winding machines offers full automation, ideal for reaching production targets. Naturally, your staff can opt for semi-automatic operation and manual adjustments as and when required.

We recommend our cold pressure FCCC series machines or the FCCT series for foil winding production and TIG welding. Alternatively, the EFECO dual role machine combines all these methods in a single installation. To complete the range, the FM machine series is suitable for manufacturing chokes and small transformers.

Suitable for HV coil manufacturers, the FHV machine series is ideal for resin-encapsulated transformers. Conveniently, this range can process copper and aluminium foil equally well.

Advanced technical features of FHV machines include a sliding system. This winds individual discs directly and continuously onto a clamped casting mould. Next, the connection of leadouts is via a TIG welding unit.

Additionally, precise dancer control mechanisms guarantee the constant and uniform tension of insulation and foil. As a result, you can count on optimal winding and component output levels while maintaining consistently high quality.

Designed for the automatic and economical mass production of transposed disc windings, this range also features touch screen controls. With the intuitive operator menu and instructions, navigation through the manufacturing process is quick and straightforward.

Vertical winding machines come as pit installations or in floor-mounted configurations. Each type is available in a choice of three sizes to suit your production line and requirements. The maximum coil diameter is between 22 and 34 centimetres, depending on the machine.

With this leading-edge technology in your manufacturing plant, producing wound components takes less time. Manufacturing workflow will be at optimum levels from start to finish. The innovative software calculates precise stop points and automates the bending.

When working with heavy-duty coils of several tonnes in weight, horizontal winding machines are preferable to other configurations. Our feature-rich range assures you of precision and evenly wound power transformer coils, whether high or low voltage.

In use, operator-assisted winding produces high levels of accuracy, while user-friendly digital controls simplify the management of heavy coils. Head and tailstock mounts are secure on one single frame to ensure stability and the safe application of maximum torque. As a result, the machinery maintains constant pressure with ease, thus preventing damaged insulation and inconvenience or costly failures.

In addition, pneumatically controlled pressure rollers and multi-plate braking systems ensure precision and fully adjustable operation with easy monitoring.

We offer two primary horizontal coil winding machines, starting with the cost-efficient HW10. Alternatively, the larger HW20 can produce high torque and accommodate weights of up to 20 tonnes. When necessary, it is possible to work with the faceplate and tailstock further apart.

As you would expect, extensive machine automation means you benefit from streamlined production. Also, for peak performance, we invite you to consider optional custom accessories designed to boost output.

Our winding machinery for instrument transformers enables the parallel manufacture of up to nine coils. The machines automatically ply the insulation material and cut it to the correct length. At the same time, separators keep the coils apart and precision trimmers tidy the outer edges.

Other benefits include:

  • Fast winding speeds.
  • Lengthy service life.
  • Remote support options.
  • Flexible software with simple programming and operator guidance.

We also supply counter bearings, expandable winding mandrels and decoilers to provide insulation between layers.