HV wire winding machines for distribution transformers

In these modern times, there is little room for error within the manufacturing sector. Clients are more demanding in terms of quality, and they also appreciate the benefits of working with a well-known brand. Therefore, Tuboly-Astronic continues to provide high-quality solutions.

The Tuboly-Astronic wire winding machines are perfectly suited for the winding of HV coils with strip insulation or layer insulation. Should you decide in favor of the recommended strip technology, single-strip or double-strip insulation is wound up automatically and simultaneously with the conductor.

Insulation arrangement can be either conically or cylindrically. Depending on the respective machine type and wire cross-section, one or two insulation strips as well an extra layer end insulation can be applied. This allows automatic winding from the start to the cooling duct or end lead.

While accuracy is obviously important, many facilities require an automated approach to meet stringent production targets. Our wire winding machines have been engineered to accommodate such needs within demanding parameters. However, the operator can quickly make adjustments at the appropriate times when required.

What Types of Wire Winding Machines are Offered by Tuboly-Astronic?

Our line of wire winding machines can be broken down into three different variants. These include:

Wire winding machine of the WHD series
(with strip insulation for coils up to appr. 3000 kVA)

WHCF Tuboly Astronic
Wire winding machine of the WHC series
(with strip insulation for coils up to appr. 600 kVA))
OS Drahtwickelmaschine WHL
Wire winding machine of the WHL series
(with full width insulation)

Let us examine each option to better appreciate why our wire winding machines are a cut above the rest.

Our WHD series has been designed to wind high-voltage coils with strip insulation. This unit offers quick production times due to a programmable winding process. Furthermore, it is possible to apply the insulation conically or cylindrically.

The WHD series works with Windows 7 operating systems, and we offer an office version for desktop computers if desired. The production process can be monitored via a graphical display. All insulation thicknesses are automatically computed once the data has been entered.

The WHC series is designed to automatically cut and re-attach strip insulation. Winding takes place without the need for manual manipulation and the insulation is simultaneously applied in a single strip. Note that this insulation can be applied conically or cylindrically. Insulation can also be separated and reattached after each layer has been completed.

The WHC line of wire winding machines is controlled by PC-based software. Therefore, all stop points can be pre-calculated in advance of a task. Other benefits include consistent wire tension, a patented insulation cutting system and an ergonomic design.

Our WHL wire winding machines are designed for both low- and high-voltage applications. They are engineered to provide full-width insulation, and several unique configurations are available (the 450 and the 1000 models). Rectangular or round wires can be accommodated with either of these variants.

In terms of rectangular wires, the WHL line offers independent de-coilers for higher degrees of reliability. Round wires can likewise be insulated, thanks to a built-in flattening mechanism. Windows 7 software is supported, and as always, we offer remote assistance.

The benefits of automation in the workplace cannot be denied in this day and age. However, automation matters little if accuracy and reliability are sacrificed. Tuboly-Astronic has found a delicate balance between these two crucial metrics.

Our wire winding machines offer a handful of notable advantages including:

  • An extended machine lifetime; offering an appreciable return-on-investment (ROI).
  • High-quality Swiss manufacturing for nearly three decades.
  • Remote customer support is always available in the event of a question or problem.
  • Quick and streamlined integration; mitigating the risk of costly downtime.
  • Calculations are performed automatically after parameters are entered.

Let us also mention that many other solutions are offered. These include core manufacturing capabilities, low-voltage foil winding machines, horizontal winding machines and stacking systems.

Would you like to learn more about our selection of wire winding machines? Do you have an additional question in regard to other services? If so, please take a moment to contact one of our team members. We are always happy to assist.

Tuboly-Astronic has been providing reliable solutions for well over two decades. Those who are searching for a combination of accuracy and reliability will be pleased with what we have to offer. In terms of in-house optimisation and superior levels of control, we leave nothing to chance.