Core manufacturing

Core cutting lines

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Our core cutting lines and stacking systems are made to meet your specific requirements. From standardized lines up to customized solutions, we understand your requirements and provide the best suitable solution. Innovative solutions guarantee highest flexibility and output.

Depending on the expected machine output and core design we do offer 5 different type of cutting lines. While most machines are designed to produce 45° step lap (mitre) cores we also offer highly efficient machines for 90° (but lap) core design or shunt core production lines. The cutting lines can be combined with different stacking systems.

Stacking systems

Tuboly Astronic AG - Kernstapelsysteme

The type of stacking system really makes the difference. While the cutting line is responsible for the production of highly accurate sheets within smallest possible tolerances, the stacking system defines the necessary work to assemble a core afterwards. A simple stacking solution usually requires more manual handling for the manual stacking process. The better the stacking accuracy the faster the final E-stacking process will be. Tuboly-Astronic does offer solutions for the entire range from simple roof stacking up to full automated log stacking or complete automated E-stacking of the core.

The type of stacking solution does also have impact on the overall machine performance. Let us know your core design and expected production output and we can do a calculation in order to propose the most economic overall solution for your specific demand.