Tuboly-Astronic AG

Since 1988 Tuboly-Astronic is engaged in design and production of machinery for the transformer production. Our customers benefit from innovative engineering, years of experience, a high technical standard and the dedication of highly qualified employees.

Coil winding

Tuboly Astronic winding machines ensure highly efficient coil production and total ease of use. Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees maximum availability and operational safety as described by the law.

Core manufacturing

Our core cutting lines and stacking systems are made to meet your specific requirements. From standardized lines up to customized solutions, we understand your requirements and provide the best suitable solution.

Special machines

The special machines manufactured by Tuboly-Astronic are mainly specific winding machines or cutting and special stacking solutions complying with our customers’ individual needs and requirements.


All machines made by Tuboly-Astronic are quality products guaranteeing an enhanced degree of reliability.