High-Quality MRI Winding Machines for Professional Use

MRI Wickelmaschinen - Tuboly Astronic AG

We are all aware that accuracy can never be taken for granted within the modern medical community. Even the slightest engineering deviations can lead to profound diagnostic errors. This is why a growing number of customers choose the high-quality MRI winding machines offered only through Tuboly-Astronic.

We are pleased to supply high-quality MRI winding machines to satisfy demanding on-site requirements. Let us look at these devices in greater detail while examining what sets our manufacturing processes apart. You can then make an informed choice at the appropriate time.

Our MRI winding machines are specifically designed according to customers’ requirements. They are equipped with a sensitive and accurate dancer system to guarantee constant wire tension for the supra conductor. We offer machines for dry-type winding or wet type winding with resin baths. The available options are:

  • Pressing finger and roller
  • Slip ring installation for continuous resistance measurement
  • Filler application system
  • Coil diameter measurement system
  • Wire length measurement system
  • Wire diameter measurement system
  • Integration of epoxy application system

These are some of the fundamental features associated with our line of MRI winding machines. Let us now take a closer look at the benefits you can enjoy when working with the team at Tuboly-Astronic.

Tuboly-Astronic has been producing high-quality automatic coil winding machines for more than 30 years. We are, therefore, capable of addressing numerous engineering demands.

While these often include low- and high-voltage transformers, MRI machines share many of the same principles. Namely, the resistance of the coils needs to remain constant at all times during the initial winding process. If the tightness of a coil varies, several problems can occur, which may include:

  • Fully or partially shorted coil assemblies.
  • Loose or substandard connections that may become compromised during operation.
  • Improper phasing connections, resulting in power fluctuations.
  • An imbalance between phases.

This is why the mechanics at Tuboly-Astronic installed a slip ring and dancer system to monitor the coil resistance. Thus, it is much easier to detect any tension-related problems during the actual manufacturing process.

The number of turns around a central solenoid will ultimately determine the diameter of the coil. This is important, as these turns also impact the strength of the associated magnetic field. Thus, it is crucial that the diameter is accurately measured during the manufacturing process.

Our MRI winding machine can measure extremely discrete diameters to ensure a higher degree of accuracy. We also monitor the overall length and diameter of the wire as it is being wound. Therefore, the power output of the device will never be called into question.

Epoxy serves several reasons when present within transformers. It helps to provide a completely stable environment for the wound coil. This prevents damage from particulate matter and other foreign materials. It also reduces acoustic noise levels when the unit is in operation (important within diagnostic settings).

Our MRI winding machines can apply this epoxy as the coil is being wound. Such a technique saves a significant amount of time during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, quality control is never called into question.

Size is important within the medical sector. Tuboly-Astronic appreciates this fact, and this is why we offer two manufacturing options. We utilise both wet and dry winding processes. Of course, this depends upon the needs of the client.

Traditionally speaking, wet configurations will require more space when compared to their dry counterparts. Customers who would like to learn about their options and the associated benefits of each should contact a representative. A technician will be happy to address any questions.

We are quite pleased to offer targeted solutions, thanks to our line of cutting-edge MRI winding machines. Additionally, Tuboly-Astronic provides a host of other unique services. For instance, we employ vertical and horizontal winding configurations to meet specific manufacturing requirements.

Our FHV series is engineered to wind foil around dry-type transformer cores. Our core stacking systems ensure efficiency alongside continuous quality assurance within demanding production environments. Likewise, we supply five different types of core cutting lines.

The main takeaway point is that Tuboly-Astronic aims to provide all customers with turnkey solutions based on their unique requirements. Furthermore, each of our products has been vetted for safety and operational scalability. The same holds true when referring to our line of MRI winding machines.

Another benefit associated with our MRI winding machine is that its specifications can be determined by the end-user. Thus, we can accommodate for different dimensions alongside other variables, such as power output. This level of flexibility is difficult to achieve when working with generic firms.

Likewise, we aim to create systems that can be easily integrated into real-world settings with minimal levels of disruption. This is obviously critical when dealing with businesses that cannot afford downtime when performing an upgrade.

Our MRI winding machines (and all other products) are also in accordance with all current European Regulations). These include ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018. This ensures rigorous levels of quality control and superior attention to detail.

We can now see why the MRI winding machines offered by Tuboly-Astronic are in such high demand. However, please note that we provide many additional services, including:

  • Core manufacturing
  • Bushing winding
  • Core cutting and stacking systems
  • HV and LV foil winding

Would you like to learn more, or do you require further assistance? If so, please take some time to fill in our online contact form. One of our specialists will be pleased to address any additional questions that you may have.

When quality and reliability can never be taken for granted, look no further than the flexible solutions offered by Tuboly-Astronic.