Winding machines for condenser bushings

The Tuboly-Astronic bushing winding machines process kraft or crepe paper for OIP or RIP condenser bushings. The special machine features include diameter compensation, electrically heated transfer and guide rollers. In addition, it has an infrared heating system, semi or fully automatic cutting and infeed of aluminium foil.

Bushing_winding machines

Tuboly Astronic has been manufacturing high-quality bushing winding machines with precise Swiss engineering for years. Therefore, companies considering investing in a BK, BW or BC winding machine for condenser bushings should look no further. Why are Tuboly Astronic’s bushing winding machines a cut above? Read on to find out.

Bushing winding machines on the market these days are extremely varied. Not all systems have the same features, though some manufacturers make exaggerated claims about what their machines are capable of. At Tuboly Astronic, we like to keep all of our clients informed. That’s why we’ll always try to support better-informed buying decisions through knowledge sharing.

In this regard, our bushing winding machine technology is no exception. After gaining a better appreciation of these sorts of systems, buyers soon realise which features are best for them. Our technical design prowess with bushing winding machines, along with our manufacturing standards, result in only high-end equipment.

You can see this exemplified with the way our bushing winding machines are designed for several purposes, for example. They wind insulation bodies for condenser bushings, regardless of whether they’re made for crepe paper or aluminium foil. Either way, operators can expect the diameter of the body to remain constant.

Furthermore, high-quality systems, like ours, will help to avoid any electric flashover oscillating knives from cutting the paper tracks. With high-quality equipment, both ends of the insulation body should be able to be processed in multiple ways. In short, this would mean steplessly, conically or with a stair-shaped cut. Our systems deliver on both counts.

Additionally, efficient paper drying systems should be in place to reduce the moisture content in the paper to a minimum. This means being able to run without energy wastage as well as wasting time. Many commercial buyers will also be looking for a fully automated mode as well as the manual insertion of foil.

Now you should have a grasp of the basics with modern bushing winding machinery. Let’s move on to the aspects that make our system so popular.

Along with our engineering prowess, which also covers core manufacturing machinery and coil winding technology, we offer design excellence. What this means is feeding into our future designs the sort of features our current clientele wants. By maintaining close links with our clients through excellent technical support, we can make ever-improving systems.

Take a look at the bushing winding machine we sell today, which is a feature-rich piece of cutting-edge technology. For example, automatic aluminium foil cutting and inserting are offered as standard. There’s also an automated diameter measurement system to aid operators and speed up setting up times. Furthermore, the efficient paper drying system we have also kept things running rapidly.

Along with the commercial need to keep the system operating with minimal manual intervention, we aim for reliability. Our bushing winding machine offers unprecedented levels of functionality in this regard, with remote support also offered. If that is not enough, then consider the long machine life that owners can expect. This is Swiss engineering, after all.

Another key feature worth mentioning is Tuboly Astronic’s constant controlled insulation tensioning system, which also helps to improve reliability. Operators will also benefit from the flexible software they will interface with. This offers simple programming opportunities with ample operator guidance via the system’s handy touchscreen. All this and automatically positioned cutting knives, too! What more could you wish for?

Our bushing winding machine is an expert at handling paper. For example, it can cope with several paper webs, even when they’re side-by-side. This is because any overlap will be cut by the system’s oscillating knives. Even better, it will do so without producing any unwanted gaps.

Additionally, a motor-driven waste-paper re-winder can be used for each cutting position. When you also consider that the feed rate is programmable, this means very fast processes are achievable. The efficiency of our machine is further enhanced because the feed rate can also be synchronised to the winding speed. Every paper trimmer comes with a waste re-winder, too.

In terms of paper drying, Tuboly Astronic’s forward-thinking designs win, as well. The moisture content of the paper that has been wound can be reduced to trace levels. To do this, our machines use electrical heat plus oil-filled deflection rollers. In various combinations, these can also be combined with controllable infrared heating fields.

Further paper winding activities are possible, thanks to the system’s paper decoilers. The number of decoilers needed would be pre-determined according to the customer’s own requirements. This might take into account the length of the insulation body they favour, for example. The easy set-up of decoilers is facilitated by a decoiler unit that can be moved to any loading position.

Like any high-quality manufacturer, there is no single one-size-fits-all option when it comes to Tuboly Astronic’s bushing winding machinery. In fact, the current range offers the option of performing OIP or RIP functions or a combination of the two. OIP systems handle craft paper while RIP ones handle crepe paper.

Both types offer variable tension adjustments that are fully programmable. The OIP version can cope with tension measuring between 500 and 800 Nm. The RIP version functions between 80 and 100 Nm, while the combined version can cope with both. Heated deflection rollers and infrared heating systems are optional extras.

Commercial buyers of winding machines will also want to know that aluminium insertion is possible with all three units. Manual, semi-automated and fully automatic functionality is offered as standard. All of the standard paper cutting options are available with all three machines, too. This means conical cuts, stair cuts, straight cuts and sinus-shaped cuts are all possible.

Tuboly Astronic also offers some other optional extras. You might like to consider the possibilities of being able to wind two insulation bodies in parallel with one another. Then again, you may see the benefit of a vision system with your particular set-up, another popular optional extra. Note that fully customised options are also available on request, too.

If you’d like to know more about the technical aspects of our bushing winding machine technology then please reach out. The best way to do so is via our contact form. We’ll send your enquiry to the appropriate team, whether it is technical support, sales or our exemplary service centre.