Any business that uses wire winding machine technology and wants to promote a culture of greater promotion of products needs quality. By optimizing designs and processes, more employees will feel they can advocate for their company clearly and honestly. This is why Tuboly’s systems are so in-demand among businesses that take promotion by employee advocacy seriously. How does this work? To begin with, promoting products by employees can work in any organization, not just those that use wire winding systems. Sometimes, companies will have a formal plan in place to have employees advocate for the business.

In others, there will be a much less formal arrangement where staff members are merely encouraged in this manner. It all comes down to management style at the end of the day. However, without effective equipment at their disposal, no wire winding businesses can truly hope to establish cultures of employee advocacy. In this sector, therefore, optimised systems and technology are paramount. In the end, it will come down to investing in wire winding machines that employees are proud to work with. They should be state-of-the-art and provide advantages that can be enjoyed every day. Read on to find out why Tuboly-Astronic’s wire winding systems offer so much in this regard.

For an optimised and superior wire winding machine, choose Tuboly-Astronic

Since the turn of the new millennium, wire winding machine technology has been revolutionised. The coil winding process is fully automated on the wire winding machine from starting to any programmed stopping point. This has vastly improved consistency of the wound wire and reduced the chances of coil impairment. At Tuboly-Astronic, our wire winding machines benefit from the latest technology and integrated systems. Thus, we ensure a smooth and ergonomically-optimised coiling process and an end-product that can save on costs. 

Anyone working at a company that has invested in one of our systems will rightly feel proud. This is because they’ll know they are part of a forward-thinking team. In other words, cutting-edge wire winding technology will lead to greater employer advocacy among members of staff. People simply like the fact that they are employed by a business that wants the best systems in place. When it comes to wire winding systems, Tuboly’s are a cut above so greater promotion by its employees can be assured. Read on to find out why they are so favoured.

Wire winding machine with strip insulation capabilities

We recommend that wires are coiled with strip insulation for the highest quality, performance and reliability. Strip insulation can be achieved efficiently on our specially developed WHC wire winding machine and WHD wire winding machine. The WHC wire winding machine is designed to produce high-voltage coils for smaller distribution transformers. As you can see, a wire winding machine with high-quality strip insulation capabilities are a cut above the norm. Businesses that want to provide top-notch products that employees can be proud of helping to deliver will want this functionality. When they have it, employees are much more likely to get behind a staff-led advocacy scheme.

How the wire winding machine works

Bear in mind that it is not just the functionality of wire winding systems that helps employee advocates. Of course, lots of features and functions help people to think they are working in a forward-thinking environment. That said, it is how such systems are set up and operated that also counts. Read on to find out why our systems are so favoured by operators working on the shop floor. After all, with such smoothly functioning systems, it makes life much easier for both operators and quality control professionals.

With a machine that provides such ease of working, the desired culture of marketing by employees can begin to spread. At Tuboly, our wire winding systems have been designed by experts with previous operational expertise. Since we know what matters to most operators in the wire winding industry, we can help many businesses. What sets our machines apart operationally, and how does this impact marketing schemes?

Preparing the wire winding machine

In preparation for the coiling process, the operator threads the conductor through the wire winding machine according to instructions. Innovative wire winding machine control system programming using the wire winding control system software, the winding of the wire can be programmed to the wire winding machine. This programming can be carried out in advance on a desktop computer using our Windows 10 compatible software.

It can also be performed at the console, which is attached to the wire winding machine. The software comes complete with guidance to simplify the process for the operator. A graphical design drawing is programmed into the software. This determines key output parameters, such as the thickness of the insulation. The wire winding control system is also programmed to pre-calculate the necessary stop points during the winding process.

Strip insulation

Strip insulation

At the same time that the conductor is wound, the insulation strip is built up automatically according to the programming parameters. This insulation layer can be built up either conically or cylindrically. With the WHD wire winding machine, the insulation layer can be formed using one or two strips. Each insulation strip can be programmed differently so that the wire can perform to withstand high-voltage impacts during operation.


The WHC and WHD wire winding machines ensure manual operator interference is kept to a minimum. The insulation strip feeds in and fixes automatically. If required, it can be automatically separated and re-attached once the insulation layer has been built. The stop points have been pre-programmed to ensure continuous winding from the coil start to the cooling duct or lead out. This means there is no need for the operator to intervene manually. The operator is simply required to monitor the process, as a safety precaution.

Advantages of using a Tuboly-Astronic wire winding machine

Advantages of using a Tuboly-Astronic wire winding machine

Our wire winding machines take advantage of the most advanced technology to efficiently produce superior quality insulated wires for high-voltage transformers. This makes them perfect for any company that wants to promote products by staff members among them. What are the features that will make so many employees of wire winding business proud of where they work? Strip insulation technology with patented cutting and reattachment

The strip insulation process is specially formulated and unique to our wire winding machinery. This feature is what gives each Tuboly-Astronic WHC and WHD wire winding machine a leading-edge over its competitors. The patented insulation strip cutting and reattachment system of our WHC machine type is fully automated. This adds an additional element of efficiency and convenience. This is particularly the case when dealing with a large conductor cross-section.

The end filler insertion system on our bigger WHD machine type assists the process. This is done by inserting a filler insulation strip at the end, in addition to the single or double insulation strip(s). It is inserted via a separate end filler guiding unit. The insulation strip moves ahead of the wire, building up the insulation. When it reaches the end, the required filler height is calculated by the wire winding machine. Depending on the machine type, the made-to-measure end filler strip is cut and built automatically by the wire winding machine.

Flat pressing technology

The integrated flat pressing technology is another advantageous feature of the wire winding machine, particularly in terms of reducing transformer manufacturing costs. When the conductor is initially insulated, a circular-shaped wire is created. The enamel insulation is industry-standard and used for its toughness so that the wire can withstand common stressors during high-voltage operation. With the flattening unit on the wire winding machine, the wire can be flattened to the desired height. The flatter the wire, the higher the filling factor, meaning that the overall coil dimensions will be reduced. This in turn results in significant cost savings, because less conductor material and core material will be required. Consequently, the transformer tank volume can be reduced.

Dancer-regulated brake system

One of the benefits of a high-tech, automated system is the guaranteed consistency of the wire coil and insulation strip tension. This is aided by the integrated dancer-regulated brake system. The dancer system effectively regulates the speed of the motorised brake rollers on the wire winding machine. It does this according to the coil shape, controlling and maintaining the programmed wire tension so that this remains constant. The dancer-controlled tension also ensures a high-quality filling factor, which allows for small radial tolerances. The mechanics of the dancer system allow for consistent insulation and winding at high speeds. The wire tension can be manipulated using the integrated control panel, negating any need for manual intervention.

Should wire winding businesses get involved with employee advocacy?

This is an interesting question for companies that operate in any specialised area of industry, not just wire winding firms. After all, many such businesses have done perfectly well without promotion through employees before. That said, there are many benefits associated with this sort of approach. Firstly, the customers who buy products made from wire winding companies tend to be a tight-knit group. In other words, most people in the industry know of the majority of companies that operate in it. A good reputation is consequently easier to gain through staff-led advocacy schemes than in many other sectors. 

To be clear, when people know one another and move within the industry, marketing through y own staff can be more effective. Equally, the reverse is true. If you’re not asking your employees to advocate for your company and its products, then a bad reputation can develop. This is something that you will obviously want to avoid, too. Of course, you do not need to invest in high-quality wire winding machinery to develop a marketing scheme. There are other ways you can do so. However, in the wire winding sector, the sort of machines you used to produce products will be most informative. With inferior equipment, it becomes harder to promote the right culture.

Why choose a Tuboly-Astronic wire winding machine?

At Tuboly-Astronic, we understand the importance of efficiency and high-quality machinery. Our reliable wire winding machines are durable and exceed Swiss quality standards. Our state-of-the-art software and programming guidance make each machine easy to use. We offer an exceptional level of remote support. Visit the Tuboly-Astronic website for details about wire winding machinery. Whether you are looking at a WHC system or a WHD machine, our equipment delivers on operational reliability. In turn, this makes the daily work of your manufacturing teams much less of a hassle.

For any organization – not just a wire winding company – that wants to promote employee advocacy, this is good. After all, which employees will truly advocate for their employers and its managerial approach if they struggle with their machines? On the other hand, when reliable and precise systems are in place, workers will rightly feel more disposed to advocacy. In the end, it comes down to how honest employees can feel they can be when talking about their employer. Bear in mind that wire winding businesses do not just benefit from improved operations when they invest in high-quality equipment.

They will also find that their quality control is upgraded. Fewer systems are returned by customers because they do not meet specifications, for example. With greater customer satisfaction, morale within your company should also improve. This is just the sort of thing you need if you are to foster a business culture of greater employee advocacy. High-quality equipment can have far-reaching impacts throughout an entire organization. Therefore, anyone seeking a corporate culture that fosters greater promotion of product through employees should make investments in quality systems. However, this should not mean stretching yourself financially either. At Tuboly-Astronic, our systems hit the right balance between high-quality engineering and a good return on investment.

Find out more about how our systems foster employee advocacy

As a Swiss engineering firm, we know that precise machine designs need to go alongside production optimization. We have gained an extensive amount of know-how in both regards and want to pass this on to our clients. After all, we want to support the sort of promotion through employee in your business that will make a true difference. Obviously, we cannot get involved in how your employees feel about working for you or what they say about it.

What we can do, however, is keep producing high-quality wire winding machines that operators will feel proud of. Of course, you will need to understand more about them before making any investment decisions. That’s why there is much more information you can download about our wire winding machines right now. Each machine in the range has a PDF leaflet that will expand on its exact characteristics. Furthermore, our blog contains lots of informative content about how our systems work in a practical sense.