As a manufacturer of sophisticated transformer equipment for over three decades, there is little that the team of professionals at Tuboly Astronic don’t know about winding technology. Indeed, as a winding machine manufacturer, we have unrivalled expertise in all aspects of transformer winding, coil winding, bush winding and foil winding. 

Your business may require winding machine technology for standard or completely unique applications. Either way, Tuboly Astronic is an established business that you can rely on to provide the winding systems and expertise you require. We are happy to discuss your needs and develop novel solutions. 

In the unlikely event that you cannot find the information you need about our systems from our website, please feel free to make contact with one of the team. We’ll be happy to discuss your business needs and why we are the right winding machine manufacturer for you. In the meantime, read on to find out more about what makes us stand out among the leading winding machine manufacturers in Europe and why businesses everywhere rely on us to deliver high-quality systems.

What Makes Tuboly Astronic Such a Widely Respected Winding Machine Manufacturer? 

At Tuboly Astronic, we attend trade fairs and exhibitions to demonstrate our systems and explain what makes us stand out as a winding machine manufacturer. One of the things we are always keen to point out is how reliable our systems are. We have a proven track record in supplying winding machine technology to our clients and continuing to support them thereafter. Our LV and HV foil winding machines showcase how cleverly designed our products are for modern production methods.

The low-voltage winding machinery we make can be used to process large cross-sections of material, even when high winding force loads are called for. Cold pressure welding or TIG welding are deployed to ensure a reliable result without expending additional energy. Our FHV series of winding machines operate with high voltages but they are just as reliable as our LV systems. These are ideal machines for cast resin transformers and they even work with an automated foil edge control system.

This helps to ensure quality control with the right tension being applied at all times. In addition to our standard systems, many of the devices we make as a winding machine manufacturer can be automated. For example, insulation for coils of up to 3000 kVA can be made using our automatically operated WHD machines.  Furthermore, automatic strip technology is a common function that you can expect to find in many of our systems, such as those in the WHC and WHL ranges, as well as the WHD.

By deploying this technology, our winding machines can offer either single-strip or double-strip insulation which, crucially, is processed simultaneously with the conductor. It is not just our know-how with automated winding systems that our customers like. We also produce some world-class vertical winding machines to go alongside our horizontal ones. Features like swivelling counter bearings are available to help the mandrel function properly with our vertical systems. Any firm that wants to produce cost-effective results for transposed disc windings, for example, should look into our vertically operated winding machines and the additional possibilities that such technology affords.

At Tuboly Astronic, we don’t think that you will be able to find a superior vertical winding machine anywhere else! Given that what you have read so far is merely an overview of the sort of innovative and carefully designed winding technology we produce, we think that you will be suitably impressed by taking a more in-depth look at some of our main product ranges. Our current clients often report how satisfied they are with them. Remember that if you cannot find a standard coil winding machine for your exact needs, then it is highly likely that we will have produced something for another client that will fit your specifications. We have extensive knowledge of the industry, which is why we are so highly respected in a number of industrial sectors.

Specialist Winding Technology from a Trusted Manufacturer

At Tuboly Astronic, our know-how is not only found in the field of transformer coil winding machines but is also relevant to several other market niches. For instance, we make high-quality bushing winding machines that are used in a number of different industrial sectors. You will find these in our BK, BW and BC ranges. What the BK, the BW and the BC machines have in common is that they are each designed to wind insulation bodies for condenser bushings. As specialist systems, they can cope with materials as diverse as craft paper, crepe paper and aluminium foil.

In the case of aluminium, our machines can be used with automatic aluminium cutting and inserting systems, too. These systems maintain a constant diameter of the body, which helps the end product to avoid an electric flashover. Furthermore, either end of the insulation body can be formed into cones or stair-shapes, as preferred. In addition, our effective paper drying systems lessen moisture content to the bare minimum.

Our MRI winding machines are no less trusted by our customers, thanks to a similarly precise engineering approach with plenty of customisable options. Designed to meet the most exacting customer requirements, these machines make use of a highly sensitive and accurate dancer technology that maintains a constantly adjusted wire tension. These specialist winding machines can be supplied with differtent options on request.  Little wonder, then, that our engineering prowess is so widely regarded to be at the cutting edge.

PC Control with Winding Systems

PC Control with Winding Systems

In the modern age, what sets one winding machine manufacturer apart from another is the willingness to adopt new digital technology in the pursuit of winding excellence. The team at Tuboly Astronic appreciate this, which is why so many PC-based control systems are now offered with our products. The software and data logging afforded by these computerised systems means that our clients can program each layer of their coils independently if they want to.

This function can vary from firm to firm or even for individual projects if so desired. Basically, our software systems aim to simplify the automation of many coil winding processes. This allows for fewer errors to be made, less wastage to occur and – above – all for our clients to be able to meet their customers’ changing needs with the same level of reliability we like to afford. After all, if your clients like what you’ve produced using our machines, then that is good for us, too.

To Conclude

As a winding machine manufacturer, Tuboly Astronic has the know-how to produce world-class systems that many businesses – both large and small – need to remain competitive. Why not complete our contact form for any enquiries you may have about our cutting-edge winding technology?