At Tuboly Astronic AG, we have an worldwide excellent reputation througas a high-quality manufacturer of bushing winding machines and wire winding systems. Indeed, these precise machines are sold all over the world, such is their reliability. Many are used by firms making distribution and power transformers. This is where automatic our core stacking systems come into play.

After all, automated core stacking is extremely beneficial when dealing with production lines focussed on transformers. As a company with a rich heritage of excellence in Swiss engineering, our experts have a great deal of knowledge of automatic core stacking processes. Read on to find out how our expertise can be advantageous for your business, too. 

A Range of Core Stacking Automated Systems

A Range of Core Stacking Automated Systems

Since we make an entire range of automated core stacking systems, any manufacturer of power transformers will find a suitable solution for their needs. Indeed, any business that needs to consider the role of an automated core stacking system as a part of the production methods will be able to track down a suitable product within our range. Of course, this means that we are able to offer our customers a great deal of choice.

Few leading manufacturers of core stacking systems can provide the level of choice that we do. If there are any special requirements that your business has in core stacking, then it is likely we have fulfilled a similar need in the past. In other words, all of the systems in our range are designed to offer a great deal of adaptability when they are being put into operational usage. We can make minor alterations or design tweaks to meet even the most precise demands.

Even so, our products are often able to fulfil their every need without any adjustments whatsoever. This is mainly due to the fact that the degree of precision our core stacking systems afford already exceeds most commercial requirements. The accuracy offered by every core stacking system in the range is unbeatable. Consequently, our systems meet every kind of commercial need in the power transformer sector, regardless of the market our customers operate in.

An Overview of Our Automated Core Stacking System Range

An Overview of Our Automated Core Stacking System Range

We began working with core stacking systems back in 1989 when we also started making high-quality core cutting lines. For anyone in the growing power transformer industry, the two system types were of huge benefit because they complemented one another so well. This remains true today, despite the increasing levels of automation that have been built into both. As well as providing an extremely long life cycle, the current crop of automatic core stacking system machines is capable of so much more.

Designed by the in-house engineering team at Tuboly Astronic, they can boost levels of productivity as soon as they are deployed. What’s more, they offer exceptional cost-performance ratios. In short, anyone considering buying an automated core stacking system will find an unrivalled return on their investment with a Tuboly Astronic solution. This is the case whether you are looking for a machine that is capable of fully automating the e-stacking of the cores or producing single log stacking.

Part of the value the systems in the range provides is down to the aforementioned longevity. However, it is also worth considering that even a pneumatic two-level stop pad system type, such as the CSH2, requires negligible outlay on ongoing maintenance. Even a timing belt driven system with two in-line stacking stations, like the CSI2, needs virtually no regular upkeep. If technical assistance is required, then our support engineers are capable of offering an exceptional level of help. Such technical support is offered across the entire range. More often than not, minor issues can be resolved remotely to get power transformer production back on track in a very short time, if required at all.

Some of Tuboly Astronic’s Automated Core Stacking Machines in Detail

Some of Tuboly Astronic's Automated Core Stacking Machines in Detail

By now, you should have a fair idea of what it is about our range of core stacking solutions that make them stand out. Designed specifically with the needs of the power transformer industry in mind, they provide an immediate solution to many manufacturers’ current and future requirements. Which one might be the right sort for your business? To begin with, let’s look at the powerful CSO core stacking machine. This is a genuine business solution for the fully-automated stacking of power transformer cores.

It is an e-stacking system designed for an automated process where the stacking is carried out completely independently of the core cutting lineThis system allows you to stack all of the core designs that are commonly used today. Up to five-leg cores can be processed at once. The CSO system can be used in conjunction with an existing manual stacking table, something that many businesses find beneficial. Furthermore, this off-line core stacking solution provides unbeatably accurate stacking without using pins. In contrast, our CSP stacking system works in a very different way. This machine comes supplied with two grippers.

These stack in an alternating fashion from a timing belt, placing what they have stacked on pallets placed at either side of the machine. The CSP core stacking system, therefore, provides multiple logs. Even better, The CSP can stack several logs behind each other for even greater operator convenience. Another in-line e-stacking system worth mentioning is the CSEC. This machine offers automatic stack height control and compensation as standard. It also automates the whole e-core stacking process, thanks to its integrated top yoke. Of all our in-line stacking systems, this is the most automated, making it ideal for the automatic production of accurately stacked two and three-leg cores.

Our Automatic Core Stacking Solutions in Summary

Overall, the Tuboly Astronic range of core stacking solutions has been developed to offer varying degrees of automation for the power transformer industry. Businesses that wish to fully automate their stacking processes can do so with the right sort of return on investment to make purchasing one a wise decision. Reducing manual work helps in increasing the accuracy of repeated processes, immensely.

Therefore, the design of all of our stacking systems is very much based on precision and reliability. This is backed up by high-production output capabilities that can be expected across the range, as well as world-class technical assistance. Would you like to find out more about our automatic core stacking systems and how they can be of benefit to automating many of your current processes? If so, please fill in our contact form and one of our team will reach out to you to discuss your commercial requirements further.