The Core Stacking Systems at Tuboly Astronic

As a leading Swiss manufacturer of core cutting lines, bushing winding machines as well as foil and wire winding machines, Tuboly Astronic also has an unrivalled reputation as a core stacking system designer and maker. Any business which takes the role of a core stacking system in their processes seriously will find a suitable product within this range.

Each has been designed to afford a high level of flexibility in terms of its daily operational usage. That said, the degree of accuracy that can be achieved from each core stacking system in the range is also second-to-none. As such, the range has something to offer every kind of commercial need and market niche. What do you need to know about the high-quality core stacking system technology that is now on offer?

The Tuboly Astronic Core Stacking System Range

The highly engineered core stacking system products made by Tuboly Astronic are designed to produce increased productivity with best cost-performance ratio. You can find exceptional returns on investment across the range including products for single logs stacking or full automated E-stacking of the cores. Each of the core stackers in the range has been designed for an incredibly low level of ongoing maintenance. Where support is needed, an exceptional level of technical assistance is offered across the range, too.

Some of the products in the range make use of pneumatic technologies while others have timing belts which provide multiple stacking positions that can be utilised easily. In fact, it is also possible to select twin gripping stackers which stack onto two pallets, alternating between the left and the right stacks, in some cases. The CSP core stacking system, for example, offers multiple logs on each side of the unit.

There again, you can also find very accurate stacking systems which work completely without pins. The offline E-stacking system type CSO falls into this category, for instance, a product which is also able to detect wrong sheets automatically, a very useful feature. Operating completely independently of a core cutting line, this core stacking system, in particular, provides a great deal of flexibility. This is particularly due to its automatically adaptable grippers and its fully automated stack height control and compensation system.

Two E-Core Stacking System Technology Case Studies

In order to better understand the sort of core stacking system machinery that is available these days, please take a look into just two of the precision devices that are made by Tuboly Astronic in greater detail, the CSE and the CSEC E-stacking solution.

The CSE E-Core Stacking System

As an in-line core stacking system, the CSE E-stacker is an incredibly versatile solution for a huge range of commercial situations. Designed for the automated production of either two or three legged cores, depending on your preference, this core stacking system can cope with four cutting machine sizes, 450, 650, 850 and 1,000 mm. This automatic E-core stacking system comes with a full integration functionality inline with a core cutting line. This design approach offers the greatest degree of automation.

With the CSE E-core stacking system, the E-cores that are produced can be stacked with closed bottom yoke. Crucially, this will operate reliably even if the top yoke is set for a separate placement. In addition, you can make use of an automatic stack height control function. Then there is a single log production mode which can use separate pallets, a very handy option in many commercial situations in order to increase the flexibility of the entire system. E-pallets can be integrated with an up-ending system for all our machine sizes. Furthermore, either an air cushion or a rail system can be made use of, so users have a huge number of operational possibilities to play with.

The CSEC E-Core Stacking System

The CSEC E-stacking system is another type of our E-stacking systems which is designed for the automatic production of precisely stacked two or three legged cores. Like the CSE model, it can be installed in-line with cutting line. The main difference is that the CSEC system is able to close also the top yoke and not only the bottom yoke. Indeed, it is one of the most automated in-line core stacking machines on the market. It can automatically produce precisely stacked cores at a remarkably fast rate while allowing the accurate placement of both top and bottom core yokes.

A fully automatic stack height control function is offered with the CSEC E-core stacking system and a single log production is possible on separate pallets which makes this system extremely useful in many professional settings. The system is able to cope with our 450, 650, 850 and 1,000 mm cutting lines and there is an up-ending station that is offered, too. Like the CSE, the CSEC offers an air cushion or a rail system for E-pallets. This CSEC provides a great deal of flexibility without compromising on the level of accuracy and dependability that it affords.

Tuboly Astronic – The Professional Choice

Tuboly-Astronic’s range of core stacking products is covering anything from small, simple and cost efficient stacking systems up to full automated E-stacking solutions with great cost-performance ratio.

Beside the actual investment for a new stacking solution it is important to understand the output of the line but also the following manual process time. A simple stacking solution usually also means much more manual work afterwards. Manual work depends very much on the workers skill. An automated machine will produce always at same constant high quality and performance.

Tuboly Astronic has produced a full range that meets all of the stacking demands of modern industry, no matter what their requirement or budget may be.

Please do not hesitate to make contact if you want to know more about the core stacking system range or would like help to establish which of the systems might suit your particular needs best. Remember that fully tailored units are also available so you don’t necessarily have to stick to one that is currently in production.