Transformer core manufacturing is a process that has become increasingly streamlined and refined over the years. Still, the fundamentals themselves can be traced back to the first transformer that was engineered in 1886. The main intention of a transformer is to modify voltage and current levels. Thus, these units offer a variety of targeted applications.

The associated core manufacturing solutions are extremely specific, thanks to how far this technology has come. Therefore, Tuboly Astronic has developed a number of bespoke products based on the needs of our clients. What options are available? Let us briefly examine some popular systems.

Which Core Manufacturing Services Are Available? 

While we have the ability to create specialized systems, our core manufacturing solutions can be put into two categories:  

  • Core cutting lines 
  • Core stacking systems 

It is now a good idea to examine each option in slightly more detail.

Core cutting systems 

Core cutting systems 

We firmly believe that flexibility is key when tackling any project. This is why we are happy to offer no fewer than five different core cutting solutions. It is also possible to choose between 45-degree cores and 90-degree variants when required. Here are the five core manufacturing machines available: 

  • The CCC series 
  • The CCM series 
  • The CCH series 
  • The CCR series 
  • The CCS series 

Of course, each of these models is associated with its own functions and applications. Some are intended to accommodate specific widths, while others offer flexible control settings. Nonetheless, they share several amenities in common:

  • Second-to-none levels of productivity 
  • Increased throughput 
  • Reduced configuration times 
  • Low maintenance costs 
  • Intuitive user controls 

These core manufacturing systems are also modular in nature. Thus, they can be upgraded when required. It is also possible to use these machines in conjunction with our line of core stacking solutions.

Core stacking units 

Core stacking units 

Core stacking is an essential portion of the overall core manufacturing process. Accurate stacking ensures that the subsequent assembly will not encounter any problems. In other words, the performance of the transformer itself is not placed in jeopardy. Tuboly Astronic offers machines for roof stacking and log or E-stacking machines.

As always, we are pleased to offer a host of dedicated core stacking configurations

  • Conveyor stacking systems 
  • Pick-and-place stacking options 
  • Two-level stacking 
  • Inline stacking 
  • E-stacking
  • Open- or closed-yoke configurations 

Often intended to be used during the production of large HV transformers, all these variants offer several additional benefits.

These have been engineered in such a way as to ensure in-house longevity. This helps to increase the overall return on investment (ROI). Various stacking widths can be accommodated (between 250 and 1,250 millimeters). Automatic stack height control and compensation are also assured.  

Similar to our core cutting systems, these devices are modular in design. User-friendly software also helps to guarantee straightforward implementation with little downtime. Here are the models that customers can choose from: 

  • The CSA2 
  • The CSB2 (conveyor stacking) 
  • The CSC2 (two-level stacking) 
  • The CSD5 (five-pin stacking) 
  • The CSI2 (inline stacking) 
  • The CSE and the CSEC (E-stacking) 
  • The CSP (pick-and-place stacking) 
  • The CSE2 (E-stacking with open or closed yoke) 

We encourage you to take a closer look at each model. Then, it will be easier to appreciate which one is suited for your needs.

Why Choose Tuboly Astronic for Core Manufacturing Solutions?

The advantages of these core manufacturing options should now be easy to understand. However, there are other reasons why we have enjoyed so much success for over three decades. Not only are our products engineered to last, but remote support is available at no additional charge.

Do you wish to place an order? Perhaps you are uncertain which option is the most relevant solution. Either way, please take a moment to contact a client support specialist. When quality counts, Tuboly Astronic is only moments away.