As well as core manufacturing systems and special machines, such as our MRI winding machine, there are numerous automated coil winding systems to choose from among the Tuboly Astronic range. These include vertical and horizontal automatic winding machines and those designed for instrument transformers. Read on to find out more about our extensive collection of automatic winding machine technologies, which include plenty of PC control systems, too.

What is an Automatic Winding Machine?

To begin with, an automatic winding machine is a device that wraps wire, yarn, tape or ribbon-like materials onto a spool or drum. Such technology has been in use for hundreds of years, commonly by weavers using hand-operated machines. However, since the industrial revolution, mechanised winding systems have been used, especially when higher value items have needed to be wound, such as copper wire, for example.

As automation technologies have progressed in numerous areas of manufacturing, the way winding technology has developed. Nowadays, it is possible to find a range of features with automatic winding machines that were not previously possible. These automated features speed up processing times, help to ensure quality is maintained and mean that less manpower is required. At Tuboly Astronic, we are leaders in our field with winding system technology. This certainly applies to automatic winding machines and there are many different types to discover from our current range. What follows is a brief overview of just some of the systems we have on offer.

Automatic Winding Machines for Wire from Tuboly Astronic

The wire winding machines made by Tuboly Astronic are ideal for winding the coils needed for all sorts of voltage applications. Indeed, they can function perfectly well with either strip insulation or layer insulation, depending on your particular requirements. Strip technology is included with these automated systems and either single-strip or double-strip insulation can be processed for you automatically at the same time as the conductor. There are three ranges of automatic wire winding machines to choose from, the WHD, the WHC and the WHL.

This extensive collection means you can arrange for your desired insulation to be processed either conically or cylindrically, depending on your preferences. The WHL series offers full-width insulation while the WHD series means that strip insulation for coils of up to 3000 kVA can be accommodated. Depending on the machine series and the wire cross-section you opt for, up to two insulation strips, plus an additional end layer of insulation can be automated. As such, it is possible to automate the process from the start right the way through to the cooling duct. Further automatic features, like a dancer system that regulates the motor-powered brake rollers, will help to maintain the wire tension no matter which coil shape is required. 

Tuboly Astronic’s LV and HV Foil Automatic Winding Machines

Our low-voltage automated foil winding machines are designed for processing large cross-sections with high winding force loads. Using a cold pressure welding technique, our FCCC series of automatic winding machines fall into this category, offering a convenient touchscreen operator control system. The FCCT series is similar but makes use of a TIG welding unit that is positioned into the winding area via an accurate guiding system. Another important LV foil winding machine worthy of note is our FM series, which is designed for smaller transformers and electronic chokes.

It comes with an automatic foil edge control system and will calculate stop points for lead-outs automatically for you. The high-voltage foil winding machines we make come under the FHV series. Superb made for Cast resin transformers, these machines also have an automated foil edge control system and control the tension at all times, too. The automatically processed stop point is easy to watch over, thanks to the system’s flexible software and built-in operator guidance, which can be viewed at any time on its display.

Automatic Winding Machines Affording Both Vertical and Horizontal Operation

At Tuboly Astronic, there are two types of vertically operated automatic winding machines to choose from. The first has a pit, which allows the spool to descend as the winding process is carried out. The other uses a lifting platform to raise it instead. Both are extremely reliable and produce economical results for transposed disc windings. With our vertical range, the headstock is designed to offer more than enough support to the winding mandrel.

This means that different winding mandrels can be attached to the faceplate to suit differing winding applications. In fact, if needed it is possible to use of a hydraulic swivelling counter bearing to further assist the mandrel, too. Our horizontally operated automatic winding machines are just as sophisticated. The HW series offers anything from a single decoiler to a multiple decoiler system, which can swivel up to 90°, for example. Importantly, the headstock and tailstock are set on a common base frame, which helps to improve processing reliability while still delivering a torque of up to 30,000 Nm. 

Automated Winding Machines for Instrument Transformers

When it comes to automatic winding machines that are used for transformers, the Tuboly Astronic range is all about the possibilities of parallel winding. With our systems, up to nine coils can be processed side by side with one another. Furthermore, insulation material can be applied automatically and even cut to the correct length for you. With the WHAN 150×3 series, for example, automatically positioned knives are included, which allow the coils to be conveniently separated from each other. There are also two extra knives to trim the outer edges of the coils. Operators can make use of an automated insulation inserting system plus a constantly controlled wire tensioning mechanism.

This range of automatic winding machine is designed to maintain a high winding speed for greater efficiency but this does not mean that it compromises on reliability. As with all of our automatic winding machines, our Swiss engineering excellence is backed up by remote support services and enviable telemetry from the computerised control systems. What may be even more appealing to businesses that are looking to invest in a high-quality instrument transformer winding machine is the range of available optional extras. With the WHAN 150×3 range, this includes a hot air heating system, extra wire brakes and guiding units and even an automated insulation width trimming system. What’s more, there is even a weight system for wire bobbins available that helps to keep your entire operation running smoothly!

In Summary

To put it simply, Tuboly Astronic has an unrivalled collection of automatic winding machines that will suit a large number of manufacturing businesses. Just complete our contact form if you have any questions about our cutting-edge technologies and we will be delighted to answer your query. Who knows? You may discover exactly the right sort of automatic winding machine for your business needs.