For an optimised and superior wire winding machine, choose Tuboly-Astronic

Since the turn of the new millennium, wire winding machine technology has been revolutionised. The coil winding process is fully automated on the wire winding machine from start to any programmed stopping point, which has vastly improved consistency of the wound wire and reduced the chances of coil impairment. At Tuboly-Astronic, our wire winding machines benefit from the latest technology and integrated systems to ensure for a smooth and ergonomically-optimised coiling process and an end-product that can save on costs.

Wire winding machine with strip insulation capabilities

We recommend that wires are coiled with strip insulation for the highest quality, performance and reliability. Strip insulation can be achieved efficiently on our specially developed WHC wire winding machine and WHD wire winding machine. The WHC wire winding machine is designed to produce high voltage coils for smaller distribution transformers.

How the wire winding machine works

Preparing the wire winding machine

In preparation for the coiling process, the operator threads the conductor through the wire winding machine according to instructions.

Innovative wire winding machine control system programming

Using the wire winding control system software, the winding of the wire can be programmed to the wire winding machine. This programming can be carried out in advance on a desktop computer using our Windows 10 compatible software, or at the console, which is attached to the wire winding machine. The software comes complete with guidance to simplify the process for the operator. A graphical design drawing is programmed into the software, which determines key output parameters such as the thickness of the insulation. The wire winding control system is also programmed to pre-calculate the necessary stop points during the winding process.

Strip insulation

At the same time that the conductor is wound, the insulation strip is built up automatically according to the programming parameters. This insulation layer can be built up either conically or cylindrically. With the WHD wire winding machine, the insulation layer can be formed using one or two strips. Each insulation strip can be programmed differently, so that the wire can perform to withstand high voltage impacts during operation.


The WHC and WHD wire winding machines ensure manual operator interference is kept to a minimum. The insulation strip feeds in and fixes automatically and, if required, can be automatically separated and re-attached once the insulation layer has been built. As the stop points have been pre-programmed, this ensures for continuous winding from coil start to the cooling duct or lead out, without any need for the operator to intervene manually. The operator is simply required to monitor the process, as a safety precaution.

Advantages of using a Tuboly-Astronic wire winding machine

Our wire winding machines take advantage of the most advanced technology to efficiently produce superior quality insulated wires for high voltage transformers.

Strip insulation technology with patented cutting and reattachment

The strip insulation process is specially formulated and unique to our wire winding machinery. This feature is what gives each Tuboly-Astronic WHC and WHD wire winding machine a leading-edge over its competitors. The patented insulation strip cutting and reattachment system of our WHC machine type is fully automated, adding an additional element of efficiency and convenience. Particularly when dealing with a large conductor cross section, the end filler insertion system on our bigger WHD machine type assists the process by inserting a filler insulation strip at the end. This end filler layer is in addition to the single or double insulation strip(s) and is inserted via a separate end filler guiding unit. The insulation strip moves ahead of the wire, building up the insulation and, when it reaches the end, the required filler height is calculated by the wire winding machine. Depending on the machine type, the made-to-measure end filler strip is cut and built automatically by the wire winding machine.

Flat pressing technology

The integrated flat pressing technology is another advantageous feature of the wire winding machine, particularly in terms of reducing transformer manufacturing costs. When the conductor is initially insulated, a circular shaped wire is created. The enamel insulation is industry-standard and used for its toughness, so that the wire can withstand usual stressors during high voltage operation. With the flattening unit on the wire winding machine, the wire can be flattened to a desired height. The flatter the wire, the higher the filling factor, meaning that the overall coil dimensions will be reduced. This in turn results in significant cost savings, because less conductor material and core material will be required. Consequently, the transformer tank volume can be reduced.

Dancer-regulated brake system

One of the benefits of a high-tech, automated system is the guaranteed consistency of the wire coil and insulation strip tension. This is aided by the integrated dancer-regulated brake system. The dancer system effectively regulates the speed of the motorised brake rollers on the wire winding machine according to the coil shape, controlling and maintaining the programmed wire tension so that this remains constant. The dancer-controlled tension also ensures a high-quality filling factor, which allows for small radial tolerances. The mechanics of the dancer system allow for consistent insulation and winding at high speeds. The wire tension can be manipulated using the integrated control panel, negating any need for manual intervention.

Why choose a Tuboly-Astronics wire winding machine?

At Tuboly-Astronics, we understand the importance of efficiency and quality machinery. Our reliable wire winding machines are designed to last and we pride ourselves on consistently meeting and exceeding Swiss quality standards. Our state-of-the-art software and simple programming guidance makes each wire winding machine easy to use and we also offer our valued customers an exceptional level of remote support. Visit the Tuboly-Astronics website today for more information about wire winding machinery specifically.