Tuboly-Astronic has been providing professional transformer manufacturing services for more than three decades. During this time, we have developed proprietary stacking solutions to address diverse customer requirements. What can clients expect when working with our team? Let’s address this question immediately below.

The Principles Behind Transformer Core Stacking

It is first wise to appreciate the fundamentals of transformer core stacking. Most modern electrical transformer cores are comprised of metallic sheets that are stacked in multiple layers. The exact number of these sheets is often known as the “stacking factor“. This factor represents a ratio of the number of plates in relation to the length of the core.

Without delving too much into the scientific principles, core stacking provides two major benefits: 

  • To reduce the presence of eddy currents. 
  • To ensure high levels of magnetic flux.

Both will ultimately impact a transformer’s efficiency and power output. This is also when the team at Tuboly-Astronic is here to help.

Which Stacking Solutions Are Appropriate for Your Needs? 

Tuboly-Astronic has engineered a host of unique options. Similar to our other products, these stacking systems can be chosen based on specific parameters. Let us examine a handful of options as well as the associated advantages.

The CSB2


The CSB2 series has been engineered with a conveyor configuration in mind. Therefore, it can address large-scale production requirements without sacrificing safety. There are often times when this system is preferred over roof stacking configurations. Some core metrics associated with this line include: 

  • Lamination width settings of 250 millimeters. 
  • Dual-level stacking options when dealing with smaller transformer cores. 
  • Single-side unloading. 
  • Numerous compartments per level. 

Feel free to take a look at the product page to learn more. 


This next unit has been designed to accommodate roof stacking needs. The CSR series is unique in that it offers maintenance-free operation. It can also address numerous lamination thicknesses. Some key takeaway points include: 

  • Lamination widths of 250, 450, and 650 millimeters. 
  • Straightforward and intuitive operation. 
  • Single-side stacking functionality.
  • Low initial costs for a high return on investment (ROI). 

In other words, the relative simplicity of the CSR is often preferred within smaller production environments.

The CSC2 


The CSC2 line of stacking solutions offers a multifunctional edge alongside superior throughput. This is primarily the result of two separate internal levels. The CSC2 is optimal when addressing demanding workflows that require second-to-none levels of accuracy. Some additional features can be seen below: 

  • Multiple in-line logs can be stacked per level. 
  • Logs can likewise be arranged in a side-by-side configuration. 
  • Precise timing belts to ensure accuracy. 
  • Stacks can be formatted with or without pins. 

Feel free to examine this page for additional links and further information.

The CSP Series

The CSP Series

This next core stacking system represents one of the largest and most versatile currently offered by Tuboly-Astronic. The CSP utilizes pick-and-place functionality so that sheets can be efficiently stacked without impacting efficiency. The stacks can then be placed upon pallets on the unit’s left and right sides. A handful of unique features include:

  • A choice of single or dual stacking solutions. 
  • Lamination widths ranging from 450 to 1,050 millimeters. 
  • Accurate length determination, thanks to the presence of timing belts. 
  • Front-to-back and side-by-side log stacking. 
  • A cost-effective solution for large production facilities. 

The CSEC Series 

The CSEC stacking solutions offered by Tuboly-Astronic provide the highest level of workplace automation. Note that two- and three-legged cores can be produced thanks to an in-line configuration. Additional functions include: 

  • Widths ranging from 450 to 1,050 millimeters. 
  • Production of completed e-cores fitted with top yokes. 
  • Stack heights are automatically controlled and compensated. 
  • A built-in upending station. 
  • A choice of rail-supported or air-cushioned e-pallets. 

When efficiency counts, our CSEC stacking solutions will not disappoint.

Why Leverage Tuboly-Astronic Stacking Solutions?

Note that these are only a handful of the stacking solutions that we have to offer. Additional options include: 

  • The CSD5 
  • The CSA2 
  • The CSI2 

We appreciate the fact that you likely have additional questions. To learn more about our proprietary stacking solutions, please contact a representative. We are always happy to provide further assistance when needed.