A high voltage wire winding machine can serve a number of purposes within the manufacturing sector. These units are often essential during the production of electrical transformers. However, there are still many different variants to consider.  

The team at Tuboly Astronic has been manufacturing quality high voltage wire winding machines for over 30 years. Therefore, customers can choose from a variety of configurations. Let us take a closer look at some of our unique solutions. 

What is the Purpose of a High Voltage Wire Winding Machine?

What is the Purpose of a High Voltage Wire Winding Machine

As already mentioned, high voltage wire winding machines are often used to produce electrical transformers. Transformers contain a series of coils. These coils serve as inductors, a means by which voltage and current are adjusted (or transformed).  

A transformer’s power output is also heavily dependent on the number of wraps in a conductive coil. From a very general point of view, more wraps are associated with higher voltage levels.  

Although the principles behind electrical induction are well understood, the manufacturing processes have become highly complex. This is why the selection of high-voltage wire winding machines offered by Tuboly Astronic is quite varied. Let us now examine why our units rise head and shoulders above the competition.  

What Types of High Voltage Wire Winding Machines are Available?

What Types of High Voltage Wire Winding Machines are Available?

Versatility is often the key to success within the power distribution sector. Thus, it only stands to reason that we have made it a point to offer a handful of configurations, including: 

  • The WHD series 
  • The WHC series 
  • The WHL series 

Likewise, each of these is associated with its own unique advantages.  

For example, the WHD series can handle voltages of up to 3,000 kVA. As the coils are relatively thick, most processes are completely automated. Note that this includes the application of strip insulation. 

The WHC series offered by Tuboly Astronic offers strip insulation coils suitable for voltages not exceeding 600 kVA. Once again, these units boast automated production methods that ensure accuracy and efficiency. Strip insulation can be applied in a conical or cylindrical fashion.  

The WHL series offers greater versatility, as these units can produce both low- and high-voltage coils. It is also important to note that round and rectangular wire configurations are supported.  

Additional Benefits that Customers Can Enjoy

Tuboly Astronic high voltage wire winding machines are also ideal when dealing with demanding workflows. This is often common within high-production facilities. Therefore, automated processes are augmented with intuitive user controls and real-time monitoring solutions.  

We have also chosen to employ Windows 7 software platforms, so integration should not present an issue. Customer support is always offered in the rare event that an issue or question happens to arise. Here are some additional benefits that clients can expect to enjoy when working with our team: 

  • Long-term reliability and a higher return on investment. 
  • All calculations are immediately performed once basic parameters are provided. 
  • Numerous insulation application options. 
  • Consistent wire tension to avoid potential faults. 
  • Extremely high filling factors. 
  • Quick setup and integration. 

It should also be mentioned that additional options can often be selected. Examples include winding mandrels, different de-coiler configurations and wire flattening units (such as those seen within the WHCF 450 series). 

Tuboly Astronic: Cutting-Edge Solutions for Modern Times

Tuboly Astronic: Cutting-Edge Solutions for Modern Times

These high voltage wire winding machines represent only a small portion of what Tuboly Astronic offers. Customers can also procure foil winding machines, core stacking systems and MRI winding solutions. This is why we encourage all clients to peruse our line of products.  

Would you like to learn more about our HV winding machines? Perhaps you wish to address a specific project in the near future. If so, we will be happy to provide assistance. Please contact us to speak with an industry professional. When experience counts, look no further than the team at Tuboly Astronic.