What is a Wire Winding Machine?

A wire winding machine is intended to produce large coils of wire within industrial settings. They are particularly when constructing transformer cores, as these armatures require a great deal of accuracy.

It is often possible for customers to choose a specific type of coil winding machine. This will depend upon variables, such as the intended shape and size of the coil. The team at Tuboly-Astronic can also determine the exact specifications.

What are the Benefits of Wire Winding Machines?

It can be argued that the primary advantage of our wire winding machines involves their automated nature. They can complete tasks much faster when compared to manual methods. Here are some other unique benefits:

  • They are extremely versatile.
  • They are equipped with user-friendly operating systems.
  • These machines can handle demanding workloads.
  • The demand for in-house labour is reduced.
  • The ability to automatically attach strip installation.
  • Lower aggregate production costs.

Let us now examine each of these traits in greater detail.

On-Site Flexibility

The wire winding machines supplied by Tuboly-Astronic are versatile in nature. For example, the WHL series is capable of producing both high- and low-voltage transformer coils. This precludes the need to purchase two separate units.

This is also relevant when discussing various other production-related parameters. Examples include rotational speed, winding length, insulation thicknesses, and the number of strips on each side.

Intuitive Operating Systems 

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The user interface (UI) of a wire winding machine should be easy to operate. This helps to reduce orientation times while reducing in-house errors. The units produced by Tuboly-Astronic offer simplified touchscreen controls as well as remote support when needed. They are fully compatible with the Windows 7 operating platform.

Furthermore, the software can be easily integrated within most operational environments. This reduces any downtime that might otherwise negatively impact workflows.

Highly Automated Solutions

Wire winding machines will automatically perform a host of operations. The tension of the wire is controlled during the entire process. Stop points will likewise be calculated in advance. Insulation widths and thicknesses can also be preset to specific levels.

The relatively “hands-off” nature of these systems is, therefore, suited for large-scale production facilities. Once again, this ensures a higher return on investment (ROI).

Less Demand for Manual Labour

There are several problems associated with hand-wound coils. The first involves the simple fact that the process itself requires a significant amount of time. Therefore, the overall production output will fall.

Another important concern involves accuracy. Transformer coils must adhere to extremely tight parameters. Even a single fault can have profound consequences. The self-governing nature of these machines all but eliminates such instances from occurring.

Addressing Strip Insulation Requirements

Strip insulation

Insulation is often required within transformer armatures. This prevents any short circuits or voltage leaks between the primary and secondary coils. Once again, installing such insulation by hand would be an extremely laborious task. This is when the power of automation comes into play.

The units supplied by Tuboly-Astronic will address these understandable concerns. As this summary highlights, it is possible to cut and re-attach strip insulation without requiring human intervention. Users can likewise control whether the insulation is applied cylindrically or conically.

Mitigating High Production Costs

The cost of any transformer will depend on several variables. These include its size, the voltage capacity and the amount of production time that is required. Thankfully, our wire spool winding machines can dramatically reduce in-house expenditures.

These savings can then be directly passed on to the end-user. Coils will be manufactured in a shorter period of time without sacrificing accuracy. This can certainly not be said when discussing outdated methods.

Tuboly-Astronic Wire Winding Machines: Continuous Quality Improvement

Wire Winding Machines

Please note that we offer a selection of wire winding machines:

  • The WHD series
  • The WHC series
  • The WHL series

Each of these has been engineered to meet discrete production requirements. We encourage visitors to examine their technical specifications to learn more.

As always, our team is pleased to provide further assistance. If you wish to discover what these machines have to offer, please contact a representative.