Any commercial operator that relies on winding machines for their transformer products can trust the precise engineering and quality available from Tuboly Astronic. Our horizontal machines, for example, are specifically designed for the winding processes needed for the demands of modern power transformers.

Not only do our machines have a novel modular design, which means they can be adapted to all scales of applications, including heavy-duty ones, but they are also packed with addmer winding machine itional features that allow operators to remain in full control at all times, too. 

Among these measures are our PC control systems, which assist with the smooth running. Indeed, all of the winding data that is collected can be easily transferred to experts inside and outside of your company for further analysis. Furthermore, our tailored accessories help to make sure that you can benefit from the latest technologies in numerous ways. Read on to find out more about the use of PC control systems in transformer winding machines and the associated technologies that go with them.

The use of PC Control Systems in Transformer Winding Machines

The use of PC Control Systems in Transformer Winding Machines

Today’s generation of transformer winding machines is able to ensure that all standard conductors are produced correctly and within even the tightest levels of quality control. This is largely achieved by the sort of PC control systems that can be put in place to keep an eye on all of the winding processes as they are carried out. Such telemetry is specifically designed to cope with the demands of transformer winding machine manufacturers and the individual products they make, whether it is power transformation devices or the parallel winding requirements of modern instrument transformers.

For example, our automated transformer winding machines are often used to produce coils for distribution transformers. In fact, we make such systems to provide both strip or layer insulation within a PC-control system setting. Our computerised automatic coil winding machines help with the build-up of an extremely precise conical layer of insulation. The computer technology that comes with our high-voltage transformer winding machines helps to make sure that automatic filling of the termination of each coil is also maintained; not all transformer winding machines provide this level of functionality.

Another key factor regarding Tuboly Astronic PC control systems is that they allow users to program each layer of their coils independently, enabling functionality to be utilised in the way that is deemed best for your business. Additionally, we find that this high level of accuracy with coil layer programming means that the end product is better able to withstand the level of impact it will experience from the voltage it is exposed to over the course of its working life. At Tuboly Astronic, we have developed the necessary winding software you might need to produce this level of precision.

Although today’s transformer winding machines are usually modular in their design, not all are automated or designed to work hand-in-glove with PC-controlled software packages. This makes our current products stand out from competitors. In fact, our software systems are specifically designed to support your daily operations in a number of ways, including simplifying the automation of coil winding processes, which can be repeated precisely at a later date by using the same settings. Our software will also help efficiency by offering a more rational and user-friendly interface for changing your preferred machine settings.

In fact, many of our clients use our software to automate their entire transformer winding processes from beginning to end. You are under no obligation to do the same if you already have manual processes that work for you, of course. That said, the ability to control our machines quickly, easily and repeatedly with our software from nothing more complex than a standard PC will often make a huge difference to a transformer manufacturer’s productivity.

What Other Features Does Tuboly Astronic AG Offer with its Transformer Winding Machines?

Given the features available with our PC-control systems for our transformer winding machines, you may wonder what other technology goes into our products. Typically, a transformer winding machine made by Tuboly Astronic will include things like LV coil clamping adapters or winding mandrels. Other functions include the ability to make use of our manually swivelling counter bearing winders.

Overhead round wire decoilers are another important feature worth mentioning, as is the ability to make use of a decoiler for full-width insulation. All of the aforementioned features come with our WHD range of automatic transformer winding machines, which are capable of forming coils that can handle loads of up to 3000 kVA. A similar range is our WHC coil winding machines.

These are suited to distribution transformers that can handle loads up to 600 kVA, They are supplied with a useful pneumatic expansion system for the winding mandrel. In terms of PC controls, the WHC range is fully compatible with our software, which can be used to pre-calculate all of the necessary stop points in your product design.

The Advantages of PC Control in Modern Transformer Winding Technology

The Advantages of PC Control in Modern Transformer Winding Technology

Much of the manufacturing sector currently benefits from data collection and computerised control systems. At Tuboly Astronic, we are aware that PC control systems are what transformer winding machine manufacturers are increasingly demanding in order to keep with this trend. Of course, the biggest advantages of using computers in manufacturing is to maintain a high standard of quality control.

When transformers – or any manufactured product, for that matter – fail, it is commonly down to a fault that occurred in the manufacturing process and not all manual quality control measures will be able to pick them up. However, when PC control systems are in place, fewer errors are made when a product is put together. With greater precision and less reliance on human intervention, productivity and quality should rise in tandem. 

In short, this means fewer interruptions to your transformer production line to fix issues, earlier identification of problems when they do occur and fewer returned products. This means keeping your clients happier with the products they receive from you along with all the attendant benefits that will facilitate business growth. Ask yourself this: If you can take advantage of the sort of software and automated PC control systems offered by Tuboly Astronic nowadays, why wouldn’t you?

In Summary

To conclude, Tuboly Astronic is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, modular transformer winding machines that a wide range of manufacturing businesses can rely on. Our PC control systems are available to perform many different tasks, which will help to improve the quality of your winding processes and may even allow you to develop your designs further. Would you like to find out more about our PC-based automation technology? If so, fill out our contact form and we will be happy to explain how it can benefit your enterprise.