When choosing a winding machine manufacturer, you want to be assured of a high level of expertise and commitment. Excellent quality products with ease of use and superior reliability are essential. Fast and well-informed customer service is also a must. At Tuboly Astronic, we make winding machines for an extensive range of industrial applications, and, where necessary, carefully tailored solutions to meet the most exacting requirements. What are the main things you need to know to distinguish our products and services?

The Expertise and Establishment of the Best Winding Machine Manufacturers

Tuboly Astronic AG was established in Switzerland in 1988. Since then, we have developed unparalleled expertise in winding technologies, such as coil winding, foil winding, bushing winding and transformer winding. This means we are trusted as a world leader in winding technologies. We can produce effective systems for even the most specialised requirements. Our experience spans diverse industries.

While our transformer winding machines are our most commonly-used devices. The extent of our commitment to customers is indicated by some of our more specialised machines. Our bushing winding machines have been developed to work with materials as aluminium foil and crepe paper. They handle both materials with the necessary care. We have also produced highly specified machines for particular client applications. We are always keen to take on new and unique projects.

Industry Trust and Reliability

Reliability and professionalism are vital for gaining customers’ trust in a winding machine manufacturer. We are very respectful of the relevant laws and regulations in our industrial sectors and our products are certified to meet the following standards:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

We place great confidence in our products and are always keen to demonstrate, discuss and learn. That’s why we regularly attend trade fairs and exhibitions, such as the recent Middle East Energy Conference, held in the Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE, in March 2020. We are also planning to present our devices at the upcoming CWIEME in Berlin in May 2021.

Automation for Consistency and Reliability

Great reliability and consistency of production are achieved through the effective use of automation. Tuboly Astronic machines use automation to optimise certain processes, ensuring consistent quality and reducing costs and production times. For example, our wire winding machines automatically calculate stop points for cooling ducts or taps.

With our vertical coil winding machines, bending is executed automatically. The bending systems are highly configurable in our winding machines. They are also able to cope with a range of operating situations. Single flat wire or CTC conductors are bendable with adjustable height and length parameters. It is also possible to utilise a multiple bending unit, which allows the concurrent individual bending of up to eight single conductors.

Software Control Systems for Efficiency and Speed

The rise of software control systems offers great opportunities for winding machine manufacturers to harness the power of modern digital technology. At Tuboly Astronic, we have embraced computer technology to semi-automate aspects of winding processes where manual control would be more prone to errors and less consistent. Great efficiencies of operation are effected through our PC-based software control systems.

These are useful, for example in the pre-calculation of starting and stopping positions, as well as bending configurations in the applicable processes. This winding data can be transferred by the network between PC and machine, giving a significant reduction in processing time. Furthermore, data collection throughout the process allows for more effective quality assurance and saves time over manual monitoring. Our software is Windows-based and will work on standard PC hardware, reducing further IT costs on computer hardware.

A Wide Range of Winding Machines

A Wide Range of Winding Machines

Not all winding machine manufacturers offer such a variety of apparatus as Tuboly Astronic. For example, we provide both foil and wire winding machines as well as horizontal and vertical winding devices. Our wire winding machines are world leaders in winding technology. Motor-driven and dancer controlled rollers maintain wire at a constant tension, ensuring consistent quality in your coils. Our foil winding systems use TIG or cold pressure technology, with automatic stop point calculation and edge control.

Tuboly Astronic’s horizontal winding machines are used widely in the production of coils for power transformers. These work with all common conductors with a braking system to ensure gentle processing. This precise control is invaluable for preserving the conductors’ insulation coating. Meanwhile, our vertical winding machines are designed for the production of transposed disc windings. They are suitable for single or CTC conductors. Like all our winding machines, they feature PC-based software control and automation systems. In this case, handle bending requirements and thus reduce execution time. Our vertical winding machines are available in both pit and floor versions.


A good winding machine manufacturer should offer not just a range of products. It should offer also significant configuration options for individual machines. Meeting customers’ closely specified requirements precisely is something we take very seriously at Tuboly Astronic. We are confident that no other manufacturer includes such a range of configurable accessories.

For example, our wire winding machines can, if needed, include winding mandrels, clamping adapters, a round wire flattening unit and overhead decoiler, a rectangular wire decoiler and other options. Our FCCC range of foil winding machines are similarly configurable and may include an optional expandable decoiler shaft, foil cleaning and edge treatment devices, compensation feed roller and many more possibilities.

Specialist Machines

In some cases, Tuboly Astronic provides winding machines with very particular requirements. For example, we offer coil winding machines for MRI units where the most precise winding is essential. As well as the highest accuracy of winding, these machines operate with constant wire tension and crane-free loading. Quality assessment is facilitated by a full data capture of the process. Similarly, our bushing winding machines, used in the production of RIP or OIP condenser bushings. They are sensitive enough to work with both crepe paper and aluminium foil. These machines feature automated cutting systems and an innovative heating system to avoid moisture.

Support and Parts

We pride ourselves on the reliability and resilience of our machines. Nevertheless, if you have questions or a problem, our expert consultants are constantly on hand. They are happy to respond to your questions and advise you on all technical matters. Tuboly Astronic is a world-leading winding machine manufacturer. We are happy to discuss our range of products and options for customisation to meet your exact requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and our friendly team will respond promptly to discuss your project further.