Tuboly Astronic is a leading manufacturer of wire, foil, and bushing winding machines, as well as core cutting lines. It also leads in the design and making of core stacking systems. Their range of stacking system technologies offers something for every market niche.

All Tuboly Astronic stacking systems offer the following benefits:

• High operational flexibility.
• Optimum cost-performance ratio, which translates to a better return on investment.
• Low maintenance.
• Intuitive easy-to-use core stacking software.
• High precision and accuracy.
• Highly automated components.
• Excellent technical support.

Tuboly Astronic’s core stacking systems

Tuboly Astronic has a variety of stacking solutions. They range from small, low-cost, and straightforward options to fully automated ones. Below is a look at these solutions, their key features, and the ways they improve productivity.

E-Core Stacking systems

E-stacking solution is the most automated technology in the market. Tuboly Astronic offers four variations of these systems.

CSE E-stacking system

This is a solution that suits an extensive range of stacking needs, thanks to its high versatility. This inline core stacking technology is suitable for automated production of two or three-legged cores. Its key features are:

• Compatibility with four cutting machine sizes, 450, 650, 850, and 1000 mm.
• Full integration with a core cutting line.
• Automatic stack height control.
• It comes with both air cushions and rail systems.
Integrated or separate hydraulic up-ending system
• A single log production mode that uses different E-pallets.

The features result in the following productivity advantages:

• The produced E-cores can be stacked with a closed bottom yoke.
• Stack height control compensates automatically material tolerances
• The log production mode increases the flexibility of the system.
• Two E-pallets for continuous production mode with short change over time.

CSEC E-stacking system

This E-stacking solution is suitable for automated high-precision production of two or three-legged cores. Just like the CSE, it has inline integration with cutting lines. However, unlike the CSE E-stacking solution, it can close both the top and the bottom yokes. Other features are:

• Compatible with 450, 650, 850, and 1000 mm cutting lines.
• Has an up-ending station for the E-pallets
• Offers air cushion and rail systems for E-pallets.

The above features provide the same productivity advantages as the CSE option with additional precision and automation. In fact, it is currently the most automated inline stacking solution in the market. Other benefits are:

• Accurate placement of both top and bottom yokes.
• Fast rate of production.
• High flexibility without compromising precision.

CSE 2 E-stacking system

It is also known as the robot E-stacking system. Tuboly Astronic developed it as a solution for businesses that produce small distribution cores. Its key features are:

• Automated functionality.
• It is fitted with Tuboly Astronic’s 250 mm cutting line.
• A pre-stacking station for pre-stacking of complete books (steps).
• One or two robot that places the pre-stacked sheets onto the stacking pins.

The above features offer the following productivity benefits:

• The robot leads to a fast set-up of the cut sheets.
• Compatible with different modules.

Businesses interested in this solution can have a solution with either a robot and a log stacker or two robots.

CSO E-stacking system

It is a special version of E-stacking systems. It is an offline version, which means that its operation is independent of the core cutting line. It is also the most automated offline stacking solution for stacking power transformer cores in the market. Other key benefits are:

• Compatible with a manual stacking table.
• It does not have stacking pins.
• Automated detection of wrong sheets.
• Fully automated stack height control and compensation.
• Automated grippers.
• Automated change between core steps.
• Automatic measuring and correction of the air gap.

With these features, this stacking solution improves productivity in the following ways:

• Allows stacking standard core designs, including five-legged cores.
• Independence from core cutting lines makes them very flexible.

CSP core stacking systems

It is a simple but flexible pick-and-place stacking solution. It is suitable for the production of distribution and power transformer cores. One can opt for either one level or a two-level version of this stacking system. Each level comes with two grippers. Key features are:

• It has a timing belt for precise positioning.
• Compatible with cutting lines of 450, 650, 850, and 1000 mm.

The combination of these features improves productivity in the following ways:

• Accurate positioning of sheet lengths on the timing belt.
• The timing belt allows stacking multiple logs behind each other.
• Enables stacking multiple logs side by side.
• It is a simple and inexpensive solution.

CSD(M)5 core stacking systems

It is an excellent solution for stacking finished lamination logs. The key feature is the high rate of stacking laminations side by side in order. It allows pin stacking positions, which makes it possible to produce multiple stacks behind or next to each other at high speeds. A premium version of this solution comes with a height monitoring, control, and compensation system. It is a dedicated solution for fast cutting machines.

CSC 2 stacking system

This is another stacking solution that comes with a timing belt. Its main difference with the CSP is that it comes with two stacking levels. It is multifunctional and very efficient in the production of large quantities of cores for distribution transformer. The other key features are:

• Compatible with lamination widths of 250, 450, and 650 mm.
• Multiple inline logs per level.
• Allows stacking both with pins and without pins.

Because of these features, the CSC 2 stacking solution offers:

• High stacking accuracy.
• Simultaneous production on two levels of multiple stacks placed behind each other or side by side.

The CSC 2 stacking solution is a very economical system and offered a quick return on investment.

CSA 2 stacking systems

This is a solution that comes with precision controlled timing belts. It is suitable for the production of large power transformers. It is designed for an output with excellent stacking precision. The benefits of this stacking system are:

• It is very versatile.
• It takes less space.
• Enables the production of multiple stacks placed side by side or behind each other.

CSI 2 stacking systems

It is another timing belt based system but with two stations working simultaneously. Like CSA 2, it is suitable for high quantity production of large power transformer cores. It is compatible with lamination sizes of 450, 650, 850 and 1000 mm. It also has side guides to align sheets in transverse directions.

CSB 2 stacking systems

This simple economic stacking technology paces cut sheets in the several stacking bins. It ensures safe unloading of cut sheets without stopping the production process. It is compatible with lamination sizes of 250 and 350 mm.

CSH 2 Core stacking systems

It is a simple pneumatic stop pad stacking solution. It is compatible with laminations of width 450 and 650 mm. Its main feature is the two-car configuration that significantly reduces changeover time. If you can accept bigger stacking tolerances the attractive price level can be of interest.


Tuboly Astronic’s stacking systems are suitable for the demands of the modern core production industry. It has solutions for every performance need, output levels, and budget. Contact Tuboly Astronic today for queries on stacking systems.