Transformers have become a commodity industry as competitive as any other, so manufacturers hoping to compete need to amp up their manufacturing quality and reduce their costs. This is no easy task. Over the last decade, designs and innovations have presented with more problems than the years preceding it. Engineering firms need to find ways to bring down insulation thickness, reduce steel core material costs, and find faster ways to manufacture.

Coil winding presents a world of extra challenges. The more you add to your wire winding speeds, the more you reduce your accuracy. Achieving consistent tension can resolve many manufacturing issues, but adequate controllers are in short supply. Since wire winding is needed for a number of electrical parts, including HV and LV transformer coils, electromagnets and motor coils, a solution is direly needed.

The winding machines by Tuboly Astronic AG are a welcome presence in the industry. The layer insulation of HV coils can be wound with material saving strip insulation technology, constant insulation strip tension results in a compact coil. Most of their tasks are automated and function with software support. If you need extra functionality, the brand manufactures round wire flattening systems, guiding units, and several other accessories.

How it Works

Typically the Tuboly-Astronic foil winding machine has one or two conductor foil decoilers and the option of one or two insulation decoilers, cold pressure or TIG welding systems is used to connect leadouts. The device relies on motor-driven TIG welding torch or cold pressure cylinder guiding, calculating stop points automatically. Load your winding programs directly via network connection or simply program the software using the touch screen. It doesn’t get easier. This is one of the most pocket-friendly winding machines on the market despite its efficiency.

The foil winding machines of Tuboly-Astronic AG are offered in a range of widths and two welding options. For wire winding, the brand also offers options with full-width or strip insulation and automated stops. If you prefer to have more control over the process, a semi-automated option gives you the power you need.

If you’re in the market for a horizontal winding machine, the brand offers radial and axial pressing and the conductor brake systems will meet your tough manufacturing standards best. On the other hand, their vertical winding machines automate the bending process to bring down your manufacturing time.

Supra Conductor Winding Machines

Supra conductors are demanding on your manufacturing strategy. They must be crafted with precise tension, near impossible accuracy, and plenty of guidance. These machines are especially designed and made to produce MRI coils.

Bushing Winding Machines

Bushing winding machine can wind insulation bodies made from kraft or crepe paper. This task presents its own problems. Paper tracks are easy to cut, so the body’s diameter needs to be kept constant. Tuboly Astronic AG achieves this through a measuring system based on a triple roller arrangement, which operates constantly during the winding process.

Fully automated aluminum cutting is also available, which involves insertion of the foil into the bushing automatically. You can also insert the foil manually using movable line laser guides.

The Benefits


The winding software of Tuboly Astronic AG functions on a Windows-based industrial computer. It calculates your stopping points ahead of time, then manages the entire process as you work. It informs you of each step, offering instructions where necessary.


As a Swiss brand, precision lies at the heart of the company’s offerings. It sources its parts from premium suppliers so that quality remains consistent as the years go by. Because machine winding requires a high level of customisation, the company offers ongoing technical support to its clients.


Transformer core production generally requires you to handle and position stacked electrical sheets, which are fed from a coil and cut to length. The transformer core sheet assembly varies greatly and can be extremely fragile. Materials must thus be handled carefully but kept rigid enough to achieve the necessary precision.

Tuboly Astronic AG has worked hard to gain experience with linear motion systems to design its different cutting and stacking solutions which can manage a huge range of widths, all the way up to 1000mm. The cutting process requires high-performance linear guidance. Where 90-degree cuts are required, alignment and stacking positions are aligned exactingly


No manufacturer can afford to dither with shoddy machinery, so Tuboly-Astronic’s wire winding machine Type Whan 150X3 can wind as many as nine coils in parallel, tensioning each wire individually with the help of a brake device. As with its other winding machines, the guiding system of Tuboly Astronic AG keeps continuous control of tension, adjusting when necessary.

This model cuts layer insulation and inserts the coil automatically. This means there’s no need to worry about insulation insertion or work with each coil on its own. To provide every manufacturer with the unique features they need, these winding machines are offered with an extra brake, an optional hot air heating device, and a wire bobbin weight system.

If it’s cast resin transformers you’re working with, the FHVT winding machine can produce high-voltage coils using a sliding system to wind each disc on its own. A TIG welding unit is used for the leadout connections. The slidable frame system has a long history of efficiency in the manufacturing industry, offering continuous control through a motor-driven torch. As always, your stop points are calculated for you, and edge control is handled with Swiss-grade precision. The coil is kept tight even during width changes.

The brand takes innovation seriously, constantly working with industry leaders to improve on its technology. It has earned its reputation and gained competitive advantage by putting its clients first. When you work with Tuboly Astronic AG, solutions are always a call away.