The team at Tuboly Astronic has been developing quality transformer manufacturing solutions for more than three decades. Likewise, we feel that flexibility has always been one of the keys to our success.

This is the reason why we offer a host of special machines alongside standard transformer core manufacturing services. What types of machines can customers select? What are their unique features and advantages? Let us examine both of these questions in more detail.

Which Special Machines Are Available?

Our special machines can be broken down into two primary categories:

  • Bushing winding machines
  • MRI winding machines

Of course, each of these units is associated with its own unique applications. Nonetheless, they have been engineered to the highest of standards, another core trait of Tuboly Astronic.

What purposes do these special machines serve? It is wise to examine each in greater detail to appreciate the “big picture”.

Bushing winding machines

Bushing winding machines

Bushings are extremely important in the overall process of manufacturing transformer cores. A bushing is an insulated structure that is used as a means to transfer electrical energy. This current is normally carried to the grounded transformer tank.

There are several materials which comprise a transformer bushing. Oil-impregnated paper (OIP) is commonly employed. However, there are also instances when a resin-impregnated paper (RIP) is preferred. This ultimately depends on the configuration of the core in question.

It should be noted that winding such bushings requires cutting-edge accuracy. Even the smallest of flaws can jeopardize the entire system. This is also why countless production facilities rely on the team at Tuboly Astronic.

MRI Winding Machines

MRI Winding Machines

MRI machines are used to create amazingly detailed images of the interior of the human body. Magnetic resonance imaging can help to diagnose serious conditions such as cancer, traumatic brain injury, structural abnormalities and infections. As these are non-invasive techniques, they are safe for those with existing health issues. 

Similar to any medical device, precision is key. Developing a strong electromagnetic field that is both effective and safe is paramount. Once again, customers rely on a high-quality manufacturing process to ensure accuracy and quality control.

What Benefits Can These Special Machines Provide to Clients? 

Now that we have looked at both of these special machines, what benefits can Tuboly Astronic provide clients? We will now discuss the unique characteristics of each device mentioned above.

Bushing winding machines 

Tuboly Astronic has the ability to produce both resin- and oil-impregnated windings. Thus, customers can employ a single unit for various in-house production requirements. They can also accommodate crêpe paper as well as aluminum windings.

Many of the processes are automated, saving both time and money. Accuracy is likewise ensured, thanks to automated diameter compensation systems. These features are then enhanced through the presence of heated transfer rollers and predetermined tension settings.

MRI winding machines

As mentioned previously, accuracy should never be called into question when manufacturing MRI winding machines. Tuboly Astronic has taken several steps to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

We provide smaller units that can be used when examining the body’s extremities. We are also capable of engineering large MRI machines to accommodate full-body scans. The main intention is to address the client’s bespoke requirements in question. Here are several other advantages associated with our MRI machines:

  • The ability to apply epoxy during the winding process.
  • Real-time coil diameter measurements to ensure accuracy.
  • Constant tensioning systems guarantee that no faults are present within the coil.

Not only will these techniques create extremely efficient units, but automation reduces production times.

Tuboly Astronic Special Machines: Targeted Solutions for Modern Times

While each of these machines serves an entirely different purpose, they also share many features in common. They offer intuitive and user-friendly controls. Real-time monitoring reduces the chances that production errors will occur. Likewise, in the event of a question or issue, our team is here to help.

When quality assurance counts, customers from around the world rely on the professionals at Tuboly Astronic. Do you require more details about our special machines? Are you curious to learn about their specific parameters? If so, please contact a customer service representative. We are always here to provide further assistance.