Tuboly Astronic specialises in using the latest technology to develop core cutting, stacking, and coil winding solutions. They are automated to ensure accurate and fast machining of your transformer components. You can opt for a prefabricated solution or a customised machine depending on your client’s needs.

In addition to these mainstream solutions, we have special machines for special solutions. They are available on customer’s request. There are two main types of machines in this category, which are:

Special bushing winding machines

Bushings are essential parts of the insulation and protection of high voltage systems. The machines in this category are for the winding of insulation materials for condenser bushings. They are suitable for bushings made from either craft or crepe paper and aluminium foil.

Bushing winding machines from Tuboly Astronic fall into three categories or series based on the type of insulation they handle. They are:

  • BK series: They are bushing winding machines for oil-impregnated paper, OIP, condenser bushings. Often, the core of such bushings is concentrated with transformer-grade oil, and the insulating material is plain craft paper.
  • BW series: These are special machines for winding of condenser bushings made of resin-impregnated paper, RIP. In such bushings, the crepe paper-wound core is impregnated with curable resin.
  • BC series: They are an amalgamation of the capabilities of the BK and BW series of Tuboly Astronic winding machines. Consequently, they are suitable for winding insulation on both OIP and RIP condenser bushings.

The unique features in bushing winding machines

At Tuboly Astronic, the special machines are designed as per our client’s requirements. Nonetheless, there are standard features that you will find in all our bushing winding machines irrespective of the series. They are:

Aluminium cutting and insertion system

Condenser bushing manufacturers add aluminium foils to the bushing during winding to improve the performance and durability of the bushing. Inserting this foil is often time-consuming and even wasteful. Our special machines solve this production problem by having systems that ensure precise cutting and insertion of these foils.

In order to improve the speed of production, the system makes it possible to cut the foils to size on the machine. It also makes a cutting workbench unnecessary. Once cut, you can program the system to insert the foil into the bushing automatically.

There is also a manual insertion option. It has moveable laser lines to minimise the human errors common in manual operations.

Automatic paper cutting

Technology has made it easy to develop machines for almost all requirements, especially in terms of paper size. Bushing winding machines from Tuboly Astronic can cut insulating papers for any size or shape of condenser bushing.

The paper cutting system has a number of unique functionalities that not only simplify the process but also reduces wastage and increase the rate of production. They include:

  • Programmable feed rate: Synchronising the feed rate to the winding speed ensures automatic readjustment of the insulating material. This makes standardised mass production possible.
  • Waste paper rewinder: Most of the bushing winding machines in the market seek to minimise insulation material wastage by reducing errors during cutting or insertion. However, many of them do not take care of the occasional wastages. Our special machines have the same checks, but in addition to them is a motor-driven waste-paper rewinder at every cutting point.
  • Automated traversing knives: Horizontally traversing knives make it possible to cut the insulating material into different shapes such as conical, stepless, and star shapes.
  • Oscillating knives: They cut the overlaps of the insulating material. The benefit of these over the normal paper cutting system is that they leave no gaps in the insulation of the bushing. This small consideration significantly increases the lifespan of the bushing.

Paper drying unit

Paper drying unit

This is a standard option in the BK and BW series of Tuboly Astronic special machines. This is because moisture ingression is one of the common problems with bushing condensers. It hastens the degradation of the insulation and is known to be the main cause of high voltage insulation failures.

In order to avoid this, our special machines for oil-impregnated paper bushings are fitted with a drying unit. The standard option of comprises rollers that are electrically heated. However, there is an infrared option for winding jobs that require optimum drying.

Coil diameter measuring system

It measures and rectifies the diameter of the coil, hence keeping it constant throughout the winding process. It is among the many features in these special machines that make standardised mass production possible.

Customized paper decoilers

Our machines are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. As a result, we offer paper decoilers based on the request of the client. Nonetheless, irrespective of the size, these decoilers are easy to install and reposition.

Other solutions available on customer request include a system for simultaneous winding of two insulating pieces.

MRI winding special machines

The other special machines in our collection are the winding machines for MRI systems. Their specifications vary because their design is customer-dependent. 

One standard feature in all our MRI winding machines is a precise and over-sensitive dancer system. It guarantees perfect tension of the special conductor used in MRI cores. Other system options available on customer’s request are:

  • Coil diameter measuring system.
  • Wire diameter measuring system.
  • System for the integration of epoxy application.
  • Wire length measuring.
  • Continuous resistance measuring using slip ring installation.


At Tuboly Astronic, we care about the needs of our customers, and our collection of special machines shows this. All these machines are engineered to ensure the optimum yield of high-quality coils. They are easily programmable and easy to install. We also offer constant remote support to all clients using our special machines.
Are you in need of any special solutions, or have any queries? Contact us today or visit any of the offices close to you, and let us help you transform our efficiency into yours.