A manufacturing firm with a noted reputation for Swiss engineering prowess, Tublogy Astronic AG makes wire winding systems. The company’s wire winding machines are used all over Europe and beyond. They have a proven track record for providing reliability in a wide range of applications.

With superb after-sales customer support and technical assistance, our wire winding machines offer dependability. They also offer a great deal of versatility. Furthermore, they are often sought-after because they also provide significant cost savings. 

Any business that would like to lower its operating costs should consider just how beneficial our systems can be. Read on to find out why Tuboly Astronic is considered a leader in producing wire winding machine technology today.  

Tuboly Astronic’s Wire Machine Pressing Systems 

LV wire winding machines

With many of Tuboly’s coil winding systems, the flat pressing technology businesses seek is integrated. In short, you do not need to have a separate machine to wind wires in many situations. This fact means that there are cost savings to be made by just investing in one machine and not more. 

Of course, integrated flat wire winding in a machine provides another advantageous feature. In short, our wire winding machines can reduce transformer manufacturing costs by integrating flat wire winding units. How does this work in practical reality, though?  

First, when any conductor is being insulated by a machine, a circular-shaped wire will usually be formed. Typically, enamel insulation will be utilized due to its durability. That means the wire can cope with the stress of high voltages being passed through it. 

Although this is the industry-standard method of insulating wires, an integrated flattening unit will help further. When attached to a wire winding machine, such a unit means the wire can be flattened to the height wanted. Crucially, flatter wires result in a more favourable filling factor on the coil. 

The cost-benefit of this results from the overall coil dimensions being lower. That means you can fit more wire onto each coil. Also, fewer materials for both the conductor and the core are needed. 

As a result, the volume of the transformer tank can be lessened with relative ease. Integrated wire machine winding units consequently provide cost savings in numerous ways. Importantly, Tuboly Astronic’s machines are among the very best for operational efficiency. 

Introducing the WHL Series of Wire Winding Machines 

Strip insulation

The sought-after WHL series of wire winding machines from Tuboly Astronic can be supplied with flattening units as an option. Once manufacturers have used their WHL machine for a time, they can opt for this unit. Alternatively, they can choose to have it supplied from the outset, as preferred. 

Our wire flattening units can be supplied for both the WHLN 450 machine and the larger WHLN 1000 machine. Either way, they will provide significant cost savings, as outlined above. Bear in mind that our WHL range of wire winding systems is suited to both low and high-voltage applications.  

WHL machines have been carefully engineered to provide full-width insulation. Along with the multiple configuration possibilities the range offers, both rectangular and round wires can be wound by them. This means that operators of WHL machines are able to operate flexibly with numerous operational possibilities, of course. 

When it comes to the wire winding machine set up a WHL machine offers, exceptional reliability can be expected. The WHL line of machines offers independent de-coilers, allowing for superb operational dependability, for example. The built-in flattening mechanism is further supported by handy Windows operating system software and our top-quality remote assistance. 

Vertical Wire Winding and Automatic Bending Stations 

An Extensive Range of First-Rate Arranged Winding Systems

Please note that Tuboly’s bending stations are just as configurable as our WHL winding machines. In short, they provide a great deal of flexibility whether they are handling round or flat wires. The automatic bending of CTC conductors or either one or two single flat wires is perfectly possible, for example. 

When it comes to flat wires, our vertical wire winding systems come with bending stations that are just as useful. Both the height and length of the desired bend are adjustable by the operator, for instance. Tuboly also produces bending units for up to eight single conductors individual bends, which helps to drive down costs, too. 

Whether you are interested in a wire winding machine solution or a more flexible system, we can help. Feel free to contact us to discuss your firm’s particular requirements today.