CSE2 – (Robot E-stacking system for open or closed top yoke)

The robot E-stacking solution was developed to produce small distribution cores in an efficient and automated way at investment costs which guarantee a fast return on your investment. The robot E-stacking system is installed inline to our 250 mm cutting line. The cut sheets are pre-stacked in a pre-stacking station on two levels. The robot with its gripper is than stacking the complete book on stacking pins on a stacking table with quick exchange feature for shortest possible set-up time. All our E-stackers can stack standard or asymmetric yokes.
The system convinces by its performance and flexibility in arrangement of the different modules. It can be a one robot solution, extended by an additional log stacker or a two-robot solution.

Tuboly-Astronic has been providing targeted in-house automation solutions for well over 30 years. This stands to reason since experts claim that the transformer industry is expected to be worth $50.8 billion dollars by 2027. When reliability and efficiency count, our team aims to please. What are some of the unique features of our CSE2 robot core stacking systems? What benefits do they offer the end-user? What other E-stacking systems are available through Tuboly-Astronic? Plant managers who have been looking for an operational edge should make it a point to read  information found below.

It is first important to highlight why Tuboly-Astronic has enjoyed so much success over the years. Our engineers are primarily concerned with developing bespoke solutions that embrace the latest technologies. 

Furthermore, these robot core stacking units are designed with streamlined implementation in mind. This results in a greater degree of in-house efficiency while minimising any potential downtime. 

Flexibility is another advantage when working with our E-stacking systems. The CSE2 (and other models) are modular in nature. They can, therefore, be used in synergy with other hardware and software. The end result is higher levels of productivity alongside superior quality control.

One of our latest developments can be seen in the CSE2 robotic E-stacking line. Intended to be used within demanding production environments, the CSE2 series is designed for both open and closed yoke configurations. These systems are primarily designed to yield small distribution cores. 

The CSE2 system is likewise equipped with several unique features. Some important metrics to highlight include:

  • This system is normally installed in synergy with our 250 mm cutting line.
  • All cut sheets are pre-stacked.
  • The pre-stacked sheets are sent to two levels for subsequent packing.
  • A robotic gripper is used to insert E-stacking pins upon an E-stacking table.

Please note that the CSE2 can be fitted with either standard or asymmetric top yokes. 

The Tuboly-Astronic CSE2 is known for its versatility; particularly in reference to the different modules that are present. While it can be used in a singular robot core E-stacking configuration, it can also be employed within a dual-robot system. This depends upon the needs of the client.

All products and constituent components have been manufactured to the highest of standards. This ensures quality control, production pipeline efficiency and longevity. It should also be mentioned that the CSE2 is backed up by an extensive service warranty. More information can be found by speaking with a technical support specialist.

Let’s now examine the other robot core stacking systems offered by Tuboly-Astronic and the benefits of working with our professionals.

One of the traits that define our services is the malleable nature of the machines themselves. Customers can speak with a representative in order to clarify their requirements. We will then provide a solution based on issues, such as throughput, core design and operational performance.

This strategy has enabled us to meet extremely stringent real-world demands. Furthermore, our line of transformer E-stacking systems represents a second-to-none synergy of form and function. From roof E-stacking to more complex log E-stacking and complete automated solutions, Tuboly-Astronic aims to please.

While the benefits of the CSE2 E-stacking system cannot be overstated, customers have other options at their disposal. Let us examine a handful of variants and the applications associated with each.

The CSB2 Conveyor E-stacking System

This economical configuration is suited for working with cut sheets that will be placed in stacked bins. The main intention is to guarantee safety during the unloading process without sacrificing productivity.

The CSB2 is suited for lamination widths of 250 millimetres and offers multiple compartments on each level. It is normally suited for the manufacturing of small-distribution transformer cores. Single side unloading likewise simplifies the entire production pipeline.

The CSE(C) Core E-stacking System

Another workhorse within our line of robot E-stacking systems can be seen in the CSE range. This system can be used to produce two- and three-limbed cores. Note that the CSE may also be placed in line with other core cutting machines. 

Also, both standard and asymmetric yokes can be stacked. It is also possible to stack with closed bottom yokes (the top yoke is separate in this case). The CSE(C) can accommodate lamination widths of 450, 650, 850 and 1050 millimetres. Additional features include:

  • Automated compensation and stack height control.
  • Production of single logs and separate pallets.
  • An included up-ending station.
  • Supported air cushions and rail systems.

More details can be obtained by speaking with a representative.

The CSP E-stacking System

This pick-and-place robot core stacking system has been engineered with two automated grippers. These are intended to grab and place sheets on alternating sides of the machine. The CSP is ideally suited for dealing with multiple logs in sequence. 

The CSP system is both a simple and cost-effective solution when accuracy matters. As with the CSE(C) variant, thicknesses of between 450 and 1050 millimetres are supported.

The Offline CSO Robot Core stacking System

Another popular option can be seen in our CSO line of automated core stackers. As highlighted within this PDF document, the CSO series offers a fully offline solution. It can, therefore, be utilised independently of core cutting lines.

As many as five leg cores can be stacked simultaneously and these can be employed in synergy with a manual E-stacking table. This is the most popular offline automated solution when E-stacking transformer cores. Some additional benefits include:

  • Accuracy without the requirement of E-stacking pins.
  • Automated detection of gaps, overlaps and changes between core steps.
  • Automatic compensation and height control.

Please note that allmost all common core designs can be accommodated with this robot E-stacking system.

The CSH2 Robot E-stacking System

The simple nature of this configuration is ideally suited for smaller operational demands. It can accommodate lamination widths of both 450 and 650 millimetres. This two-level station likewise provides quick changeover times and two separate E-stacking cars. The CSH2 robot core stacking system is an extremely cost-effective option.

Modern transformer core E-stacking solutions require superior levels of innovation. The team at Tuboly-Astronic is pleased to provide quality, precision, reliability and flexibility. Clients can also leverage these additional benefits:

  • Both customised and standard E-stacking machines.
  • Quick and efficient implementation.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Second-to-none levels of customer support.
  • An excellent return on investment.

Would you like to learn more about our cutting-edge line of robot core stacking systems? If so, please contact a customer support specialist at your earliest possible convenience.