Core stacking system CSP

Our CSP1/2 is a simple but flexible system for the production of power transformer or distribution cores. Due to its timing belt system it is possible to stack multiple logs behind each other. The system is available as a one level or two level version with two or four grippers.

CSP - Tuboly Astronic AG

More than 30 years of industry experience has enabled the team at Tuboly-Astronic to remain ahead of the competition. This is just as true when referring to our core stacking solutions.

Offering flexibility alongside superior levels of functionality, these units are perfectly suited for modern manufacturing environments. There are also a number of different designs depending upon the needs of the end-user.

We appreciate that optimisation is key in this day and age. This is why our core stacking machines take individual demands into account. Accuracy, throughput, automation, and ROI are, therefore, never taken for granted. As many configurations are modular in nature, they can also be used in synergy when tackling more challenging projects.

To better appreciate the options at your disposal, it is a good idea to examine our core stacking machines. You can then speak with a representative if you have any additional questions.

Our CSP1/2 is a simple but flexible system for the production of power transformer or distribution cores. Due to its timing belt system, it is possible to stack multiple logs behind each other. The system is available as a one-level or two-level version with two or four grippers.

The CSP 1/2 is able to accommodate lamination widths of 450, 650, 850 and 1050 millimetres. Here are some additional specifications associated with this core stacking unit:

  • Sheets on the timing belts can be accurately positioned for length.
  • Multiple logs can be stacked in a side-by-side fashion.
  • Arguably one of the most economical stacking solutions.

Please note that the CSP series is considered to be a pick-and-place core stacking system. While this unit is quite impressive, there are many other options to choose from. 

To appreciate why customers continue to choose Tuboly-Astronic, let’s take a look at our additional units.

The CSB2 core stacking system is used to place previously cut sheets into the appropriate bins. There are several advantages associated with this design. The sheets can be safely unloaded by qualified personnel without sacrificing productivity. This may be preferable when compared to a traditional root stacking system.

The CSB series offer additional features including:

  • A two-level system designed for smaller transformer cores.
  • Numerous compartments are located on each level.
  • Sheets can be unloaded from a single side.

This machine can accommodate sheets of 250 millimetres.

The CSC2 core stacking system is unique in the fact that it contains a timing belt. This is often ideal within high-productivity environments, as both accuracy and output are augmented. Note that this is a dual-level core stacking configuration.

The CSC2 is one of the most multifunctional designs offered by Tuboly-Astronic. It can tackle even the most demanding of requirements. Some other features include:

  • Depending upon sheet length, multiple logs can be stacked in an in-line configuration.
  • Logs can likewise be stacked side by side.
  • Precise timing belts ensure high levels of precision.
  • Cores can be stacked either with or without pins.
  • Can handle lamination widths of between 250 and 450 millimetres.

Please read the associated PDF document in order to appreciate additional advantages.

The CSA2 model can accommodate lamination widths between 650 and 1250 millimetres. It is, therefore, suitable for manufacturing larger transformer cores. While extremely efficient, it offers the same degree of automation and accuracy as the other units designed by Tuboly-Astronic.

This is a two-level stacking system and multiple logs can be placed in line on each level. This depends upon the length of the sheets in question. Additional amenities include:

  • Timing belts ensure accuracy during production.
  • Transverse directional alignment thanks to built-in side guides.
  • An optional drawback feature is included.

When high production speeds are required, the CSD5 aims to please. This unit is designed to accommodate sequential cutting processes. Therefore, two yokes and three legs can be efficiently stacked in a side-by-side fashion. Production speed will not be sacrificed. 

The CSD5 can stack numerous logs in five positions, which is ideal for sequential in-line cutting needs. A handful of other unique qualities include:

  • Timing belts guarantee accurate positional stacking.
  • Stack height control and compensation are automatically calibrated.
  • The CSD5 supports pin stacking.
  • The CS(M)5 variant offers stacking with or without pins.

Feel free to speak with a customer support specialist to learn more about the CSD5 series.

The CSI2 supports sheet widths between 450 and 1000 millimetres. This inline unit is known for high levels of throughput and superior levels of accuracy within demanding production environments. It is also one of the best options in terms of versatility. Primary characteristics include:

  • Two in-line stacking configurations.
  • Multiple in-line stacking options on each of the two levels.
  • Augmented precision, thanks to timing belts.
  • Sheets can be aligned transversely.
  • Customers can select an optional drawback configuration.

Both of these core stacking machines are able to support widths between 450 and 1050 millimetres. Known as “e-stacking” systems, the CSE series can accurately stack two or three transformer cores. This is the most automated stacking solution currently offered by Tuboly-Astronic.

One notable feature involves the ability to automatically stack a complete E-core (with an attached top yoke). Additional benefits of the CSE series include:

  • Stack height is monitored, compensated and controlled automatically.
  • E-pallets can be up-ended when stacking sheet widths of 450 / 650 / 850 / 1000 millimetres.
  • Rail systems and air cushions ae both supported.
  • A built-in up-ending station.

Customers who are looking for a versatile and flexible cure stacking solution will be pleased with this series.

The CSO is unique in the fact that it offers offline stacking solutions (independent from cutting lines). All common cores (up to five) are supported. This unit can be integrated with a manual stacking table. Other advantages include:

  • Accuracy without the requirement of pins.
  • Automated and customisable grippers.
  • Incorrectly stacked sheets can be detected.

We can, therefore, see why the CSP 1/2 and other core stacking systems represent invaluable additions within modern production environments. Tuboly-Astronic always aims to provide flexible, customisable and cost-effective solutions. Please note that we also specialise in coil winding, core manufacturing and bespoke machinery.

Would you like to learn more about our core stacking units? Do you have a question about a certain model? If so, please contact one of our representatives. When nothing less than the most modern solutions will suffice, our team is always on your side.