The team at Tuboly-Astronic produces high-quality transformer equipment for a growing client base. Our attention to detail can be seen in our line of foil winding machines. There are several types to choose from and each of these offers its own set of benefits.

From configurations for use within distribution transformers or those designed for dry-type and/or resin transformers, various reliable options are available. Let us examine these winding machines in greater detail.

LV Foil Winding Machines Used for Distribution Transformers

These machines have been engineered to create wider foil cross-sections that will need to withstand high winding forces. However, certain models are ideally suited for small- to medium-sized transformers. Some models within this category include the FCCC, FCCT and FM series. It is prudent to take a look at each in more detail.

The FCCC Series

The FCCT Series

The range of FCCC foil winding machines is primarily suited for low-voltage coils associated with high levels of winding tension. Cold press welding is employed, resulting in quicker completion times without sacrificing reliability. The FCCC series is capable of producing oval, rectangular or round coils. Both copper and aluminium substrates are likewise supported.

Some of the main advantages of these coil winding machines include (1):

  • Higher efficiency, thanks to the use of cold pressure welding.
  • Automated foil edge grinding.
  • Tension and diameter compensation are automatically controlled.
  • The machines can be set in little time.
  • Few maintenance concerns.
  • Flexible and intuitive touch-screen software.

The FCCT Series

The FCCT foil winding machine is designed for LV coils and employs TIG welding. One or two conductor foil de-coilers are supported in order to accommodate low voltage needs. Round, oval and rectangular coils can be produced accurately and efficiently (2). 

These coil winding machines use Windows-friendly software, offering superior levels of automation within controlled operational settings. All parameters are displayed upon a touch screen. Operators can, therefore, monitor progress within real-time settings. Parameters can likewise be adjusted when needed. 

Some primary advantages associated with this series of coil winding machines include:

  • Motor-driven TIG welding torches.
  • Foil cuts are made at pre-calculated positions.
  • Foil and insulator tension is automatically controlled.
  • Flexible software platforms.
  • Remote customer support is available.

The FCCT 1000 series can accommodate widths of between 450 and 1,000 millimetres. The FCCT 1600 series can handle widths up to 1600 millimetres and loads not exceeding 5,000 kilogrammes.

The FM Series

The FM Series

These foil winding machines are normally used in tandem with low-voltage transformers and chokes. A single conductor de-coiler is present alongside a motor and brake system powered by a standard AC feed. The FM series is particularly efficient in regard to low-voltage winding at high speeds without sacrificing quality. 

The sheets will be cold press welded while under high tension and quality is always guaranteed. Oval, rectangular and round shapes can be produced. Copper and aluminium can also be processed. 

This line of FM foil winding machines will pre-calculate and execute all stop points with superior levels of operational precision. Programs can be uploaded from our central office or with the use of an on-site desktop (Windows) computer. This offers superior levels of user-friendly flexibility (3).

Some additional benefits of these foil winding machines can be seen below:

  • The FM series employs dynamic brake and motor controls.
  • Automatic grinding of copper foils.
  • Tensions and diameters are automatically compensated.
  • Highly automated production controls.
  • These coil winding machines can be erected quickly.
  • Remote operator support is included.

The FM 450 series supports diameters up to 450 millimetres and weights of up to 1,000 kilogrammes. The 600 series can wind diameters of 600 millimetres while handling loads of 2,000 kilogrammes. 

The EFECO 600/800 Foil Winding Machine

The EFECO line of coil winding machines is known for its efficiency and a decidedly low-cost nature. High levels of standardisation and clearly defined parameters offer clients excellent value for their operational cost.

These machines are designed for use in low-voltage distribution transformer coils. A single foil de-coiler is included, alongside a choice of either one or two insulation de-coilers. These units support both cold pressure and TIG welding configurations. All lead-outs are pre-calculated, thanks to modern software systems.

Some notable benefits associated with these low-voltage foil winding machines include (4):

  • A superior cost-performance ratio; ideal for tight budgets.
  • Long-lasting Swiss quality.
  • Both TIG and cold pressure welding are supported.
  • Intuitive software and on-screen touch controls.
  • Numerous processes are overseen by automated controls.

Users can select from the EFECO 600 or 800 series. The 600 model supports widths of between 120 and 600 millimetres and coil weights of 2,000 kilogrammes. The 800 series can accommodate widths of 800 millimetres and weights as high as 2,500 kilogrammes. 

High-Voltage Foil Winding Machines

Tuboly-Astronic is also pleased to offer foil winding machines designed to be used within high voltage (HV) settings. Of particular interest is the FHV series. Let us have a closer look.

The FHV Foil Winding Machine

These units are engineered to produce coils to be used within cast resin HV transformers. One or two foil de-coilers are likewise supported. A unique sliding system ensures that each disc can be accurately and continuously wound onto the associated casting mould (5). 

TIG welding is employed to connect lead-outs and precise controls guarantee constant tension during the production process. Thus, users can experience superior levels of quality and efficiency within a demanding production environment. 

Some additional features associated with these foil winding machines are as follows:

  • The presence of a highly accurate winding system.
  • Torches are controlled by TIG welding motors.
  • Stop points and foil edge controls are automatically monitored.
  • Flexible software bundles and remote support.
  • Two different configurations can be selected.

The FHVT 150 supports foil widths of 150 millimetres and thicknesses of 2.0 millimetres (aluminium) or 1.5 millimetres (copper). The FHVT 200 can accommodate widths of 200 millimetres alongside thicknesses equivalent to those of the 150. The 150 series can handle weights of 500 kilograms, while the 200 supports up to 800 kilograms. 

Tuboly-Astronic Foil Winding Machines: Quality, Efficiency and Precision

Tuboly-Astronic Foil Winding Machines: Quality, Efficiency and Precision

The foil winding machines produced by Tuboly-Astronic are suited for both LV and HV transformers. Thanks to innovative engineering alongside highly intuitive and automated controls, even demanding projects can be completed within a short time. 

Would you like to learn more about a specific model? Do you require additional assistance? If so, please take a moment to contact one of our customer support specialists. We will be more than happy to help.