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Wire Winding machine – Design and optimization

For an optimised and superior wire winding machine, choose Tuboly-Astronic Since the turn of the new millennium, wire winding machine technology has been revolutionised. The coil winding process is fully automated on the wire winding machine from start to any programmed stopping point, which has vastly improved consistency of the wound wire and reduced the [...]

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The Core Stacking Systems at Tuboly Astronic

The Core Stacking Systems at Tuboly Astronic As a leading Swiss manufacturer of core cutting lines, bushing winding machines as well as foil and wire winding machines, Tuboly Astronic also has an unrivalled reputation as a core stacking system designer and maker. Any business which takes the role of a core stacking system in their processes seriously will find a suitable product within this range. […]

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Core Cutting Line – Tuboly Astronic

What You Need to Know About Core Cutting Line Technology Different sorts of enterprise have their own priorities when it comes to core cutting line solutions. While all need a full integration approach with core stacking units some will favour high output rates and others highest possible flexibility. There again, some businesses will need to [...]

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The Benefits of Tuboly-Astronic Winding Machines

Transformers have become a commodity industry as competitive as any other, so manufacturers hoping to compete need to amp up their manufacturing quality and reduce their costs. This is no easy task. Over the last decade, designs and innovations have presented with more problems than the years preceding it. Engineering firms need to find ways to bring down insulation thickness, reduce steel core material costs, and find faster ways to manufacture. […]

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