Tuboly-Astronic has been manufacturing high-quality transformers for more than three decades. During this time, we have also developed modular components to help automate workflows while simultaneously ensuring high efficiency. Our core stacking tables offer the same advantages, and they deserve a closer look.

What is the Purpose of Core Stacking Tables?

Core Stacking Tables

Core stacking systems are essential during the production process, particularly after individual sheets have been cut. The only potential problem with manual stacking methods is that accuracy is often sacrificed.

Inaccurate stacks could lead to performance issues with transformers, and ultimately, automated solutions are required. Core stacking tables ensure a higher degree of accuracy with maximum throughput. That is why our tables are often found within demanding operational environments. As they can integrate with existing in-house systems, implementation is rarely an issue.

Why is Flexibility Important Regarding Core Stacking Tables?


One main issue associated with creating modern transformers is that numerous configurations are available. This factor primarily depends on the use of the transformer, its size and other metrics, such as the associated voltages. Therefore, it is essential to offer a variety of solutions.

Tuboly-Astronic has created several models based on the needs of various organisations. Standard roof-stacking systems, log stacking, and automated core e-stacking are all possible when working with our team. That is why it is a good idea to speak with us to ascertain the most appropriate model.

A Closer Look at Our Line of Core Stacking Tables

Our Line of Core Stacking Tables

We currently offer nine different stacking systems. Each one is engineered for specific transformer requirements. Both distribution transformers and power transformers can be accommodated. Let’s look at some of the examples that you can find within each category.

The CSB2

The CSB2 conveyor stacking system serves as an economical solution when you must cut numerous sheets and place them into dedicated stacking bins. Doing this avoids the requirement for manual intervention, an important benefit in terms of safety. Furthermore, the automated nature of the CSB2 is highly advantageous in challenging production environments.

The CSP 1/2 Series

One of the traits associated with the CSP series involves its relative simplicity. It can, therefore, be used when stacking both power and distribution transformer cores. A proprietary timing belt allows users to stack multiple logs in succession. Please note that the CSP is available in a single- or dual-level format. This option also provides the operator with between two and four grippers.

The CSD5

This model is particularly useful within fully automated environments where sequential stacking is the preferred solution. The CSD5 can handle two yokes and three stack legs side-by-side without sacrificing production speed. Other features include automatic height control and compensation, timing belts for increased accuracy, five stacking positions, and optional pin-free operation.


This model is capable of producing cores with two or three limbs. These units can be fully integrated into the line of core cutting products offered by Tuboly-Astronic. Top and bottom core yokes can be accommodated, enabling these core stacking tables to provide the highest degree of automation. Additional benefits include the ability to handle numerous lamination widths. There are also separate pallets for the production of single yokes, an air cushioning system and an integrated up-ending station.

The CSI2

These core stacking tables provide two in-line stacking stations. These are often preferred when accommodating high production volumes. The CSI2 is designed to create large power transformers, and multiple logs can be stacked on each level. Controlled timing belts ensure superior accuracy, and once again, this system can handle various lamination widths.

Tuboly-Astronic Core Stacking Tables: Efficient In-House Solutions

Our Machines

The models highlighted above represent only a handful of options at your disposal. We encourage customers to peruse our detailed core manufacturing PDF to learn more. Once again, here are some of the primary benefits associated with these solutions:

  • Timing belts guarantee accuracy when stacking
  • Designed for distribution and power transformers
  • A high degree of automation
  • A modular and scalable nature
  • Short setup times
  • Custom stacking solutions
  • Impressive throughput and a high ROI

Would you like to learn more? If so, please take a moment to contact one of our team members. We would be happy to provide further assistance.