A very important part of the core cutting line is the associated stacking system. The choice of stacking system affects not only the quality but also the time of production and the return on investment. Here is where our core manufacturing solutions become essential.

Tuboly Astronic focuses on producing core stacking systems and core cutting line machines that help you to meet the needs of your clients. The available solutions cater for both distribution and power transformer cores. You can also find customised core manufacturing machines in our extensive collection.

Here is a brief highlight of the different core manufacturing solutions at Tuboly Astronic, their features, and the benefits they add to your production process.

Tuboly core manufacturing stacking systems

Tuboly Astronic offers a wide range of stacking solutions ranging from simple and easy-to-use options to complex automated ones. You can also opt for a system with a timing belt or hydraulic-based options. The stacking solutions are available for any of the following categories:

  • Simple or accurate solutions
  • Core shape: E-core stacking systems or other shapes.
  • Type of transformer: Power transformer cores or distribution cores.
  • Cutting line configuration: Offline or inline stacking solutions.

Depending on your core manufacturing needs, you can choose any of the following stacking solutions from Tuboly Astronic.

CSE stacking system

This is a suitable solution for the manufacturing of three or two-legged cores. It is highly versatile as it is compatible with four core cutting line machine sizes; 450, 650, 850, and 1000 mm. Consequently, you can use it to produce cores for large distribution transformers and power transformers of all sizes.

The CSE stacking system allows you to stack the E-cores fully automatically.
Some of the main benefits include:

  • It comes with features such as automatic stack-height control that automatically compensates material tolerances.
  • Multi-pallet single log production mode that improves the versatility of the stacking system.
  • A separate place to stack the upper yoke 
  • It comprises of a rail system or air cushions for the smooth operation of the stacked core.

CSEC stacking system

Like the CSE, this system is for E-cores and offers inline integration of cutting lines. The main difference is that the CSEC system allows the closing of both the bottom and top yokes. It also has higher automation and precision. Besides these, however, the two stacking systems share the same essential features and benefits.

Robot stacking system

It is an excellent core manufacturing solution for small distribution cores. It comes fitted with our high precision 250 mm cutting lines. It also has a pre-stacking station and a robot that loads the stacking pins with the pre-stacked sheets.

The use of robots increases the rate of setting up cut sheets and, consequently, the overall production process. You can opt for one or two robots; each robot comes with a log stacker.

CSO stacking system

It is one of the few E-core stacking solutions in the market that operate without depending on cutting lines. It is suitable for the manufacture of up to 5-legged cores. It is also the most automated offline stacking system for power transformer cores. Some of the automated operations include:

  • Wrong sheet detection.
  • Stacked height control and compensation.
  • Maintaining the size of the air gap.
  • Changing of core steps.

CSD5 stacking system

The CSD (M) is the right system for core manufacturing processes that involve the stacking of finished lamination logs. Its multiple-pin stacking positions makes it compatible with the fast cutting process.

CSP stacking system

It is a pick-and-place stacking solution suitable for the economical production of large distribution transformer cores and all sizes of power transformer cores. It is compatible with machine cutting line sizes of  650, 850, and 1000 mm.

You can opt for a single-level or a double-level variation, with each level having two grippers. The CSP system comes with a timing belt, which allows accurate sheet length positioning and stacking multiple logs in a queue.

Other Tuboly Astronic stacking systems that use timing belts are:

CSC2: A multifunctional 2-level system makes the mass production of distribution transformers economical. It compatible with cutting machine sizes of 250, 450, and 650 mm.

CSA2: It is suitable for the production of large power transformers.

CSI2: It is similar to the CSA 2 but comes with two stacking stations  that can operate simultaneously, and also has side guides.

Other unique stacking technologies from Tuboly Astronic are the CSB 2 and CSH2 systems.

Core manufacturing cutting lines

The priorities of core manufacturing businesses on cutting line technologies vary significantly. While some prefer fully integrated solutions, others have to make a compromise between output rates and flexibility.

Tuboly Astronic has a solution for every core manufacturing consideration. They come with different shearing systems, V-notching, and hole punching modules. The main categories of core cutting machines are:

CCC series: Comprises of standardised compact cutting line machines, which are ideal for cost-effective cutting of standard core laminations. They are suitable for cutting laminations of 250, 450, and 650 mm widths.

CCM Series: These are modular cutting machines suitable for cutting power transformer cores. They can cut laminations to the widths of 650, 850, and 1000 mm.

CCH series: The cutting line machines are reliable for high-speed cutting jobs. You can use them to cut lamination up to 350 mm width. They come with an automated positioning system for improved precision.

CCR Series: They are designed for precise cutting of 90° sheets for a maximum sheet width of 250 or 450 mm.Mainly suitable for cutting of choke, reactor, and lap cores.

CCS Series: These machines are ideal for the cutting jobs for the shunts cores (round reactor cores)  and lamination of 500 mm width.


Tuboly Astronic offers leading core manufacturing solutions in the market. Our stacking systems and core cutting line machines are designed with cutting-edge technologies and for high precision and production rates.

All our cutting machines can be integrated with a Tuboly-.Astronic  stacking system. We offer a reliable automated core manufacturing, which significantly improves your return on investment. Contact us and let us help you satisfy your client’s needs reliably and profitably