What You Need to Know About Core Cutting Line Technology

Different sorts of enterprises have their own priorities regarding core cutting line solutions. While all need a full integration approach with core stacking units, some favour high output rates, and others need flexibility.

Furthermore, some businesses need to prioritise low burr cutting and minimal wastage, especially those engaged with cutting through expensive materials. For others, the maximum sheet length to be processed may be an issue. For others, lamination width may be a consideration.

Thus, companies considering investing in core cutting line solutions must weigh up the pros and cons of any system. Helpfully, the expertise at Tuboly-Astronic AG means that customers can find the perfect system for their particular requirements. In many cases, clients find that what they choose not only meets their current needs but exceeds their expectations.

Read on to find out more about the high-quality, Swiss-engineered core cutting line technologies available today from Tuboly-Astronic.

A Quick Definition of Core Cutting

Tuboly-Astronic has been providing targeted manufacturing solutions related to the production of quality transformers for nearly three decades. Thanks to quality Swiss engineering alongside a decidedly flexible approach, customers can choose from numerous solutions.

Our line of transformer core cutting machines is a perfect example of the synergy between efficiency and functionality. Integration, modularity and a scalable framework all allow customers to select the right type of cutting machine. Selection is based on the engineering requirements associated with the transformer core in question.

The power and heat output of a transformer is directly related to its core design. Thus, there is little room for error. This is why Tuboly-Astronic has created a wide range of cutting machines to choose from. Let us examine this malleable approach in greater detail.

Bespoke Solutions from Standard Systems

As demonstrated at internationally renowned events, including CWIEME Berlin 2019, Tuboly-Astronic’s core cutting line solutions are based on standardised concepts. From there, top engineers in their field can work with clients to produce solutions that meet specific requirements.

In some cases, this can mean that some very highly specialised cutting applications are catered for. The key to making this work, of course, is an innovative approach to cutting technology in the first place.

There are several benefits associated with such an approach. Standardised frameworks enable us to offer a much wider variety of options when compared to niche approaches alone. Customers can likewise provide their input in order to address stringent demands. The end results are rapid turnaround times and much higher degrees of accuracy, both critical in regard to real-world performance.

The Different Cutting Line Modules Available Today

No two manufacturing businesses have the same needs. Thus, the core cutting lines from Tuboly-Astronic can be assembled in a modular fashion. This means that, for example, you can have a combination of different processes set up within one solution. You might have a single decoiler set up to get going, or even several of them, if needed.

Besides the standard strip-aligning, roller feeding system and shearing module, you can include one or two V-notching tools. Other modules include versatile hole punching tools, which operate with a transverse or longitudinal positioning system, depending on your preference. There are also slot punching modules and tip cutting tools. The list goes on.

A Comprehensive Series of Core Cutting Line Machines

A Comprehensive Series of Core Cutting Line Machines

After a brief overview of the line cutting modules, understanding how these are integrated into a business solution is important. The answer – from Tuboly-Astronic, at least – is to provide a truly comprehensive series of core cutting line machines. What are they, and what are their key features and applications?

Standardised Compact Machines – Type CCC

The CCC series is a cost-effective solution that is designed for standardised cutting jobs where space is at a premium. It can cope with 250, 450 and 650 mm lamination widths and two shearing modules. One or two-hole punching modules can be added to it along with a V-notching tool if required.

It should also be mentioned that the CCC series is arguably the most economical choice in relation to on-site solutions. It is therefore suitable for start-up organisations or in the event when an existing line needs to be extended in order to fulfil increased production demands. 

Modular Machines – Type CCM

The CCM series is among the most flexible core cutting line machines you could find. It allows for 450, 650, 850 and 1000 mm lamination widths to be processed by a high number of modules. It is possible to fit one or two slot punching tools and four tip cutting tools, for example.

Furthermore, this line helps to guarantee greater degrees of flexibility within any operational environment. The fact that numerous lamination widths can be catered to likewise ensures a higher return on investment. Such returns on investment would not otherwise be possible with generic core cutting systems.

The CCM series can accommodate two shearing modules, up to two-hole punching modules and the same number of V-notching tools.

High Speed Machines – Type CCH

As its name suggests, the CCH series is built for high-speed yet reliable cutting jobs. It is designed for 350 mm lamination widths. The series comes with four-hole punching tools with a longitudinal positioning system fitted to reduce the number of stops. It is also able to cope with a V-notching module and two shearing tools set at different angles.

Another interesting fact about this variety is that the CCM is capable of trimming cores with two or three limbs. This is also referred to as windings. Similar to the other core cutting machines provided by Tuboly-Astronic, all punching tools are augmented with robust servo-powered motors.

It is important to note that any modules fitted to the CCH series come supplied with automatic positioning systems. This means they can be set up to process as many punches as possible simultaneously to save time.

90° Cutting Machines – Type CCR

The CCR series of cutting machines are designed to process lamination widths of 250 and 450 mm. They are engineered to efficiently produce 90° cut core sheets for three types of core – reactor, choke or butt-lap.

Each CCR series cutting machine can be equipped with a shearing toolset at 90° plus multiple hole punching module. These have an optional transverse as well as a longitudinal positioning system.

The CCR is, likewise, modular in nature. It can be used in conjunction with the other machines provided solely by Tuboly-Astronic. This is applicable in the event that multiple processes need to be catered to within a single transformer assembly area.

Shunt Reactor Core Machine – Type CCS

Made to cut specific shunt core sheets of a round reactor core, this series can be fitted with numerous modules. These include two square punching tools, up to two chamfering punching tools and a pair of L-punching modules. Providing all the flexibility you need with shunt core sheets; this series can process lamination widths of 500 mm.

Full Integration

Despite the wide selection of core cutting line machines, each can be set up to integrate with Tuboly-Astronic’s stacking machines. This is crucial for manufacturing enterprises that require reliable automated cutting and stacking processes working in tandem with one another.

Targeted and Efficient Combinations for Modern Requirements

Targeted and Efficient Combinations for Modern Requirements

As mentioned previously, many customers employ our core cutting machines in synergy with our line of core stacking solutions. Not only will this approach ensure a higher degree of automation, but reliability is never a concern.

Some examples of the stacking machines which can be placed alongside our core cutting line include:

  • The CSC2 (employing a versatile, two-level stacking configuration)
  • The CSA2 (employing a versatile, two-level stacking configuration)
  • The CSD5 (five stacking positions with stacking pins)
  • The CSI2 (two stacking stations inline)
  • The CSEC (E-stacking systems engineered for open or closed yokes)
  • The CSE2 (a robotic e-stacking system, which can accommodate closed or open top yokes)

Please do not hesitate to contact a representative at Tuboly-Astronic to learn which combination could be suited for your needs.

Why Work with Our Team?

The technology behind transformers has certainly changed over the years. Some solutions may no longer be valid while others could be outdated entirely. The team at Tuboly-Astronic has always made it a point to remain one step ahead of the curve.

This approach enables us to offer industry-leading solutions while addressing the needs of discrete customers. Furthermore, our commitment to excellence extends to hardware integration and software solutions. This provides clients with a comprehensive top-down approach.

Transparency, courtesy, flexibility, and respect are some of our core values. Tuboly-Astronic adheres to all industry standards. This is also the reason why we are proud to offer our current portfolio, including:

  • Core cutting machines
  • Winding lines
  • Corrugated panel production
  • Control cabinets
  • Machines intended to wind the insulation bodies of condenser bushings
  • Made-to-order machinery based on the needs of the client

Tuboly-Astronic adheres to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards. Customers can remain confident that efficiency, transparency and reliability are never issues when working with our team of trained professionals.

Core Cutting Lines by Tuboly-Astronic: When Quality Counts

Core Cutting Lines by Tuboly-Astronic: When Quality Counts

It should now be clear to appreciate why the core manufacturing systems engineered by our firm represent powerful solutions. It is still prudent to highlight why our core cutting line is so popular:

  • Five different configurations to choose from including the CCM, CCH, CCR, CCS, and CCC series.
  • The ability to cater to highly specialised solutions.
  • Additional modules can be equipped to meet specific demands.
  • Full integration with Tuboly-Astronic stacking machines.
  • Lamination widths of up to 1,000 millimetres can be addressed.

Please do not hesitate to have a further look at each of these units. Should you have additional questions, a customer service representative is always standing by. We take a great deal of pride in offering quality products to meet modern demands. Our core cutting line exemplifies a synergy of reliability, flexibility and second-to-none efficiency. When nothing but the best will suffice, we are on your side.

Tuboly-Astronic has gained a strong reputation in the industry for providing genuine solutions that integrate well. We invite you to contact the team and find out how their systems can contribute to your future success.