Coil Winding Machines Features and Specifications by Tuboly Astronic

At Tuboly Astronic, our expert Swiss engineering team has been developing high-tech machinery designed for the production of transformers for the last three decades. This means we have gained a great deal of knowledge about the sort of features and specifications that users of modern coil winding machines seek. Consequently, our knowledge and expertise are shown [...]

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Tuboly Astronic AG: 8 Things You Need to Know About a Winding Machine Manufacturer

When choosing a winding machine manufacturer, you want to be assured of a high level of expertise and commitment. Excellent quality products with ease of use and superior reliability are essential. Fast and well-informed customer service is also a must. At Tuboly Astronic, we make winding machines for an extensive range of industrial applications, and, where necessary, carefully tailored solutions to meet the most exacting requirements. What are the main things you need to know to distinguish our products and services? […]

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Tuboly Astronic – The Leading Winding Machine Manufacturer

As a manufacturer of sophisticated transformer equipment for over three decades, there is little that the team of professionals at Tuboly Astronic don't know about winding technology. Indeed, as a winding machine manufacturer, we have unrivalled expertise in all aspects of transformer winding, coil winding, bush winding and foil winding.  Your business may require winding [...]

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Explore the Modern Automatic Winding Machines from Tuboly Astronic

As well as core manufacturing systems and special machines, such as our MRI winding machine, there are numerous automated coil winding systems to choose from among the Tuboly Astronic range. These include vertical and horizontal automatic winding machines and those designed for instrument transformers. Read on to find out more about our extensive collection of [...]

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Tuboly Astronic AG: Transformer Winding Machines with PC Control Systems

Any commercial operator that relies on winding machines for their transformer products can trust the precise engineering and quality available from Tuboly Astronic. Our horizontal machines, for example, are specifically designed for the winding processes needed for the demands of modern power transformers. Not only do our machines have a novel modular design, which means [...]

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The Advantage of modern automatic Coil Winding machines

Technology has transformed the production of transformer coils. The speed of production, precision, and automation are the key focus of modern coil winding machines. Tuboly Astronic has several modern machines for all types of winding jobs, from wire to foil coils. Below is a look into the various series of automatic coil winding machines in [...]

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The use and types of our winding machines

Our Winding Machines The safety and efficiency of electrical machines depend on the coil production process. It is, therefore, essential that one understands the different types of winding machines and their uses. Tuboly-Astronic is a leading manufacturer of coil winding machines. In this guide, we offer insight into the six types of coil winding machines, their [...]

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Wire Winding machine – Design and optimization

Any business that uses wire winding machine technology and wants to promote a culture of greater promotion of products needs quality. By optimizing designs and processes, more employees will feel they can advocate for their company clearly and honestly. This is why Tuboly's systems are so in-demand among businesses that take promotion by employee advocacy [...]

The Benefits of Tuboly-Astronic Winding Machines

Transformers have become a commodity industry as competitive as any other, so manufacturers hoping to compete need to amp up their manufacturing quality and reduce their costs. This is no easy task. Over the last decade, designs and innovations have presented with more problems than the years preceding it. Engineering firms need to find ways to bring down insulation thickness, reduce steel core material costs, and find faster ways to manufacture. […]

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