Advanced Core Cutting Line Solutions from the Experts

What You Need to Know About Core Cutting Line Technology Different sorts of enterprises have their own priorities regarding core cutting line solutions. While all need a full integration approach with core stacking units, some favour high output rates, and others need flexibility. Furthermore, some businesses need to prioritise low burr cutting and minimal wastage, [...]

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The Horizontal Winding Machine for Power Transformers Made by the Experts

The global power transformer market was estimated to be worth in the region of €20 billion in 2019. Indeed, this figure looks set to grow, with a market size of about €31 billion by 2026, according to some. That's why so much attention should be paid to the quality of the horizontal winding machines in [...]

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The Advantages of Transformer Winding Machines

Automatic transformer winding machines offer electrical component and industrial electronics manufacturers various production and quality advantages, not least: Lower failure rates, both during and after assembly. Precise conductor blending and spacing. Lower production costs than with a manual machine or by hand. As a secondary benefit, automated winding machines tend to deliver results that are [...]

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Tuboly Astronic AG: Solutions in Automatic Core Stacking for Power Transformers from Tuboly Astronic

At Tuboly Astronic AG, we have an worldwide excellent reputation througas a high-quality manufacturer of bushing winding machines and wire winding systems. Indeed, these precise machines are sold all over the world, such is their reliability. Many are used by firms making distribution and power transformers. This is where automatic our core stacking systems come [...]

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Coil Winding Machines Features and Specifications by Tuboly Astronic

At Tuboly Astronic, our expert Swiss engineering team has been developing high-tech machinery designed for the production of transformers for the last three decades. This means we have gained a great deal of knowledge about the sort of features and specifications that users of modern coil winding machines seek. Consequently, our knowledge and expertise are shown [...]

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Tuboly Astronic AG: 6 Great Benefits of Transformer Machinery

With our headquarters in the heart of Europe, located about midway between Zurich and Basel, Tuboly Astronic AG is perfectly placed to serve the needs of any business that requires world-class transformer machinery. We have over three decades of experience in this technology that your enterprise can benefit from. What makes our systems so outstanding? The [...]

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The Advantages of Vertical Winding Machines

We make high-quality vertical winding machines at Tuboly Astronic AG. In this article, you will discover much more about these devices and what makes them different from other winding systems.Our vertical machines have a great reputation for reliability. This is something we are particularly proud of. A team of experts here at Tuboly Astronic help [...]

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Tuboly Astronic – The Leading Winding Machine Manufacturer

As a manufacturer of sophisticated transformer equipment for over three decades, there is little that the team of professionals at Tuboly Astronic don’t know about winding technology. Indeed, as a winding machine manufacturer, we have unrivalled expertise in all aspects of transformer winding, coil winding, bush winding and foil winding.  When choosing a winding machine [...]

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Explore the Modern Automatic Winding Machines from Tuboly Astronic

As well as core manufacturing systems and special machines, such as our MRI winding machine, there are numerous automated coil winding systems to choose from among the Tuboly Astronic range. These include vertical and horizontal automatic winding machines and those designed for instrument transformers. Read on to find out more about our extensive collection of [...]

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The Advantage of modern automatic Coil Winding machines

Technology has transformed the production of transformer coils. The speed of production, precision, and automation are the key focus of modern coil winding machines. Tuboly Astronic has several modern machines for all types of winding jobs, from wire to foil coils. Below is a look into the various series of automatic coil winding machines in [...]

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